Sub 30 min 5k!!!!!

Hey all, I thought I'd share my amazing news. I posted a few days back when I hit my 5k PB at 30.55 and had hopes to run under 30 mins over the next few weeks. Anyways, I was running every other day which meant I was overdoing. Im glad you guys pointed this out and as a result of your advice I have had two good runs whereby I have smashed my PB on both occasions. I am still around 90KG and aiming for around 80KG so carrying a few extra pounds. However, everything is going in the right direction. Im sure when I lose the extra KG's I will further improve my times!

I ran today, the same route I have been doing for the last three weeks and managed to get down from 34.49 to my new PB at 29.16!!! Awesome! I thought this was a few weeks away but having the extra rest days and eating properly and having the energy, doing my warm ups/cool downs has all helped. As I explained in my previous posting, its a whole package!

Needless to say I am over the moon. I am also amazed. However, I know I have to maintain fitness for long term health reasons - whilst it is great to look at stats and achieve good times, this should be secondary to the primary aim which is to get fit and have a healthier lifestyle. I have a wedding to go to today, and as tempting as the food will be, I will eat in moderation lolll. FYI my plans are to maintain running 5k for a few months to build my strength and stamina and then look at gradually increasing my distance. Thanks to everyone once again for their advice and on going support. You are truly amazing people. M


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  • Congratulations!!! That's a great achievement :) How did you push yourself during the run? Since my graduation in June I'm trying to get my 5k time down but until now the fastest run outside was 31:53min and the fastest on the treadmill was 31:23min (last week or the week before). I'm always too shy to run faster as I think I won't make it to the end... so, what's your trick? (I'm also on the heavy side of life so I think this is another reason why I don't get a lot faster)

    Again, very well done!!! Enjoy this great feeling!!!

  • Thanks for your kind comments. This is where I love looking at stats. I compared my last 4-5 runs and knew I could run slightly quicker at the start but try and run 20 seconds a kilometre quicker for five laps. That equates to 1 min 40 off my time. However, it all depends on the preparation, weather and your mind set. As well as working hard, there is also some luck involved. I'm not complaining though. Try breaking it down - I have a garmin so can track my runs and know when I need to run slightly quicker. You do have to push yourself that bit more outside your comfort zone but its worth it.

  • Thank you so much! Also thank you very much for your inital post! I came home from a run in the park (finally I got my a** out there instead of going to the gym) and, with your post in mind, I pushed myself. I thought, if I can run faster on the treadmill, why not run faster outside? Result: 5k in 30:51!!! Whoooop whoooop!!! I'm getting there :D

  • Well done Mohson!

  • That's brilliant - well done on your achievement.

  • Well done! Another great run; and more inspiration to carry on improving - I will get to that 30 minute 5km one day (I still have 2 1/2 stone to lose and at almost 50 progress is slower than yours, but still getting better!) :-)

  • Nice one! I like to think of my extra weight as a temporary training tool...

  • Haha, love this point of view! So I'm not heavy, I just have an extended training tool ;)

  • Brilliant way to look at it :-)

  • Well done on your great time x

  • Really great achievement, well done ! And you have a good approach to your long term plan, PBs are good to get though :-)

  • Thanks for all your comments. Appreciated.

  • The magic 30 cracked. Well done. I hope one day to join that club and it's always great to hear about someone doing it. Tati :-)

  • Well done excellent !!!!!

  • Hey, this is fantastico brillianto!!! Congrats mate..keep up the good work!!!

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