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Haven't run for 10 days!

I'm suppose to be starting W9 next time I'm run. I've been on holiday with the family for a week and although I took my running gear with good intentions to run, I ended up getting I'll and didn't run all week. I have my race for life next Sunday and really want to run it all. I'm panicking that I will have a bad run tomorrow, because I feel knackered today and will give up. Has anyone else found it hard to get back in to the rhythm after a break?

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I constantly go through struggles of getting back out there. But when I do, it's always fine, it doesn't suddenly become impossible to run, it just feels like, why did I stop in the first place. For me personally, I need to have a written down plan to keep me getting back out there and to keep going. Some are lucky and can rely on habit. Tomorrow's a different day, try to go into it feeling positive and that's half the battle won. I'm sure you will be fine. Don't beat yourself up for having a break from running. It's what you do on your next run that's important. I'm sure you'll be fine :-)


Even if you've been ill and not run for a while, you won't have lost "that" much fitness. Take it really slow and steady - at a pace where you could talk as KittyKat says. If you don't manage the full 30 minutes, don't worry too much because you've been out of it. Just have your normal rest day and then get out again. Try to listen to your body, not the gremlins, when you're running. You might genuinely need to stop early or have a walking break part way through, but it might just be a negative mindset, so you need to judge which it is if you find yourself wanting to stop.

I'd say that if you get out 3 times before your race for life then you'll be fine on the day - even if you haven't done your 3 "W9" runs then you'll have done 9 weeks of training over a period of about 10 weeks. The atmosphere on the day will get you round by all accounts, just don't set off too fast.


Thanks for all the advice guys! I got out today and did 23mins of the 30 min run. I went to a park for a change, and think it was the boredom of circuits around the lake that stopped me. I'm glad I managed 23 mins though, and will hopefully manage the full 30 mins on Monday.


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