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Haven't run since graduating!

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Help!! I graduated last Thursday and was full of plans for what to do next but - as title says - I haven't run since. I don't know what's wrong with me. I didn't miss a single run during the programme and now I'm finding all sorts of excuses - too hot, too windy, wrong time of the month, headache - you name it I'm coming up with it. I walked a 5k route at the weekend which I planned to run this week - maybe I've scared myself. Anyway, I've decided that I WILL go out this evening and I'll just do my normal route so as not to make it too scary. Posting this to get a bit of accountability going. Hold me to it guys!

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Go on, you can do it! I think that the end of the programme can leave you floundering - spend nine weeks progressing steadily, and then all that structure just goes and you're on your own. Get that first run under your belt, then set a target for the next one - a few seconds faster, a few metres further, whatever appeals, and then do the same again when you reach your goal. Good luck for this evening, let us all know how you get on.

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When I graduated my goal for a month or so was just to enjoy running, consolidate my progress from the programme, I didn't time myself just ran 5k 3x a week with a selection of favourite music. It doesn't have to be about getting faster or further all the time, although we're all different and whatever motivates us is different too. Have a think as Rigsby says and then get out there and do it whatever the weather.

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carerofGraduate in reply to notbad

totally agree, i think if you are not wanting to go into events as long as you are happy doing 3 runs of your choice each week that is what the program is all about-- getting us up off the couch and getting fitter and healthier!!!!

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You did it - to the letter and graduated so well done Safi! Now you've graduated and Laura and we are all still here to support you x

I wondered what to do next and thought about it - got stuck for a few days then just put on my run kit ( which always puts my running head back on) and repeated week 9 run 3! Just checking it wasn't a fluke and sticking with the known. Then downloaded Laura's speed and stamina podcasts to listen to although yet to do these I went ahead and joined our local road runners beginners group (they do runs, speed, fartlek sessions more than long runs but cover around 4 miles a session).

Cross training with cycling, swimming, brisk walking, strength exercises is all good for your running and especially on non run days.

Do get out there for your familiar run tonight to reassure yourself and boost your confidence - remember you are now a runner! Just do it x

Funnily enough, I came on here today to look for some motivation to get me out on my first post graduation run and yours was the first post I saw. Week 9 run 3 was last Saturday for me and I should have gone out since but I just haven't. I've been using all sorts of excuses too, including bizarrely the fact that I haven't got a running watch yet so I don't know how far I'm running so I can't go!! The brain can be very good at finding excuses!

I seem to have lost all momentum the minute I finished the programme. I haven't even got around to asking for my graduation badge yet.

How about a deal? If you go out for your run tonight, I promise I'll do mine tomorrow morning.... (Swimming tonight so actually really have got a good reason for not running today!)

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It's a deal. Have a good swim and I'll post to let you know how I get on!

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Get out there pronto or we'll be round your 'ouse to wheedle you out and onto the starting blocks. Don't phone this in! No notes to say you're excused

Crack on! Taps foot

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poppypugGraduate in reply to misswobble

Aw I love that , " Don't phone this in " That's Jillian Michaels speak cept she says " Don't you **%*@ dare phone this in !!! "

Youre kicking some butts today Miss W ! :-) xxx

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Thanks guys that worked. I got those trainers on and headed out after lunch. Really glad I did as it's about to pour with rain now! Not the best run in the world. Set off on my 5k route but just didn't feel like it so I did 30 minutes and stopped at that. Hark at me - stopped at 30 minutes - 11 weeks ago I struggled with one minute! Hopefully I'm back in the swing of it now. PaperclipKate - will look forward to your post tomorrow - pressure's on you now!

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PaperclipKateGraduate in reply to Saffi_L

Well done you! You, and everyone else on here, have re-motivated me - thank you! Sat here in my running gear, just letting my pre-run banana and cup of tea settle a bit before I go out. Will post later. :-)

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PaperclipKateGraduate in reply to Saffi_L

Did it! Felt great the minute I got out the front door and wondered why I hadn't gone sooner! I took the week 9 podcast again but told myself I could stop at 20 minutes. Of course, I didn't - I carried on to do the full 30. Still no idea how far I'm running so I really must make a decision about a running watch. Also need to put together a running playlist because I have truly had enough of Julie now! Thanks for the support and encouragement to get me back out there.

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Saffi_LGraduate in reply to PaperclipKate

Well done! I think getting the trainers and gear on might just be the biggest part of the battle. I'm with you on Julie though - can't stand it. I used jogfm to put together a playlist at the right (very slow) beat for me. And I used BeaTunes to analyse all the songs in my itunes library to get the beats per minute - you can download a free two week trial and do the lot in one go. Today I've made myself a 'don't break the chain' calendar to log my runs and am planning to run every third day which is what I did throughout the programme. No excuses now! Happy running.

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PaperclipKateGraduate in reply to Saffi_L

You too! :-)

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frannyfranGraduate in reply to PaperclipKate

Well done on getting out and remotivating yourself. You don't need a running watch. Just use Mapometer website (free) and you'll get an idea of the distance!

Enjoy your running.

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PaperclipKateGraduate in reply to frannyfran

Ooh, that's a useful site! That'll keep me going until the bank balance allows me to get a watch!

Thanks for the tip.

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The same happened to me when I graduated -- nearly one week with no runs - when I finally went out I was surprised: it was one of my best runs and definitely my PB!!! And that motivated me not to give up ... so now it's 2 or 3 times a week, always 30 minutes, and the last 4 runs with no music (there are too many tourists driving around at the moment - I really appreciate to be able to hear them coming!)

WHat about signing up for park runs? I would really love to do parkruns but they are always on Saturdays - and that is a forced rest day for me since I work from 1 am to 3 pm on Saturdays!

Let us know how your run goes!!!

oh, and some interesting facts... :


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PigiviGraduate in reply to Pigivi

sorry - had not noticed your last reply, well done!!!

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I keep getting my ass whupped everyday by JM so I pass it on to yous all. I finished Shredding and now am Ripping. LOL

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poppypugGraduate in reply to misswobble

You finished Shredding ? Wow, Big up Miss W , I think you should change your name to Miss Dy-nami - tee -ee ha ha :-) Hey , that's fab ! :-) xxx

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I too found the post graduation motivation hard to come by but I've since done a couple of Parkruns and have found myself enjoying my running again. My PB comes down each time, I've knocked 5 minutes off my Week 9 time and have started on the Bridge To 10k program. Just getting out the door seems to be the hardest part but once you do that a couple of times, the old feeling and motivation soon comes back.

I'm sure you're familiar with the Parkrun organisation, but in case you're not, here's a link ...


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