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Unable to run this week..... what to do?

I completed W4R1 on Monday past much to my sheer amazement. However since Tuesday I've had a pain in my lower back which thankfully has gradually eased off (??infection or strain from swimming ??-undecided) Missed yesterdays run and won't go tomorrow to make sure it's definitely better. However this means I'm going to be a whole week behind my running buddies. Gutted :-(

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A week off won't set you back in the long-run, so don't worry about that. If the pain comes back, I would suggest a deep tissue/sports massage because it might be a newly strengthening muscle that's causing the issue. In which case, they will be able to identify it, give you exercises etc. x


Thanks P1glet1. I would never have thought of booking a sports massage but what a great excuse to do so ;-)

I know in the grand scheme of things a wk behind isn't much but it's important to me to have my buddies run with me. They are the reason I've kept it up - I would be less inclined to get outta bed at 6a.m otherwise!! Might have a wee chat with them and see if they would mind re-doing W4 to allow me to catch up again. Xx


I had similar issues in wk6 and I had mctimoney chiro treatment which worried well as it could be pain from jarring due to the running. I also keep up my Pilates which is fantastic for the lower back. Lastly make sure your trainers are up to scratch. Don't worry about the rest it will only do you good and don't go running until you are 100%. Good luck with the programme.


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