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How often do you run each week?

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Up to this week I jhave done the 3 runs over a 7 day period. However, it means that to catch up after having to run w5r3 twice I'm doing every other day. Will this cause problems or should I have a 2 day break over the week somewhere.

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I think as long as you have a rest day between runs you will be fine. I only run Tues, Thurs, Saturday so I have Sunday and Monday as consecutive rest days but if I could I would run every other day. My run days are chosen to fit in with normal life.

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Thanks. That's what i normally do blueboots with the run at the weekend on either saturday or sunday depending on what's going on with life! I'll give it a go Friday and Sunday as would rather get the long one done on the weekend this week.

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I do three as and when I can around work. Sometimes less sometimes more but three on average.

It is enough to give me flexibility on which days I go and some rest days but I do often find myself out Saturday and Sunday if work is hectic.

As my self-confidence about running grew and I knew I would not give up easily I could let the really robust regimine I had for the first few months relax a bit as I needed the crutch of specific times and days specifics little less.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. Just do that consistently as I need the routine and take the weekends off though try to go for along walk or bike ride if I can.

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Four times a week on the programme I'm on now. Sundays (long run) Mondays, (easy recovery run) Weds (tempo run) Fridays (speed run)

Whew, exhausted just looking at that list.

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