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1:36:45, 7.82 miles last night in the pouring rain, I still don't believe it! (Think I'm addicted)

Don't often post but I thought an inspirational update would go well alongside a few others on here.

As I looked out the window at work at 4:15pm yesterday I thought it was a bad idea to go for a run, but my head and body said it was ready for my weekly long run & the British weather is always unreliable. That was it, I got home, shoved on my gear & cheap waterproof and put my iphone into a arm wallet designed for swimmers (totally waterproof weyhey!) it's not as comfortable as my nike one but it does and I was off.

I knew I needed to go longer than my 7.22 from 3 weeks previously so I chose a slightly longer route and I joined all you other runners who've raved about running in the rain (I agree it's fab! Although I did get slowed up at points by cyclists and dog walkers so it was quieter but not all that quiet!) I had Dans wise words about going SLOW ringing in my ears, Dan I found 1/2 gear downshift but I think I need more!

As the title suggests I managed 7.82 miles in 1:36:45, I can't believe I can run for that long (minus stops for roads/dogs/cyclists/pedestrians who take up the whole path).

At least I know I should be able to cover the 5.7 miles required on the 9th June for the Blaydon race in Newcastle. Getting REALLY nervous about it as it's my first ever race ran and it's run under UK athletics rules (means they don't take anyone intending to walk). They have chip timing and everything and I'm in the middle pen and I'm quite slow so I'm worried I'll get in the way of fast people in pen 3 (pens were done on entries by the look of it not of how fast you go!)

Here's to reaching my goal of running the GNR half marathon in September :) I've started trying an energy drink on these longer runs, going to need it for a HM and so far I think it's helped (I've steered clear of gels as I tried some glucose sweets and my intestines were sore so went for a drink instead, less harsh and I don't intend to start getting runners trots when I've avoided them so far)

If you think you can't do this, you can, I now think a HM is doable given enough training time, we just need time to get there slowly and injury free.

Happy running everyone no matter where you are in the programme x

P.s. For the females, on the subject on underwear that gets brought up regularly, think I've cracked it for me. Seamless shorts from Primark and Vaseline ;)

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Well done. It sounds like it's all going really well.

I bought some organic baby fruit and rice pouches the other day as recommended on the internet by a long distance runner who says that gels are pretty cruddy ingredients wise. They should be easy to eat on the move as they're in a squeezy tube. I'll report back on the taste/texture


Ooo yes please, there is only so much water you can take with you and the one I have reckons once you get going you need 1-2 an hour (500ml to 1L) 500ml is the max I want to carry so additional fuel will be great for race day :)


I did 10k along the seafront in the pouring rain yesterday too, great fun. Good luck for your Blaydon race, let us know how you get on. :-)


Thanks notbad, hoping to get along and join you at whitley bay for a park run in July (June is just far too busy, I have a weeks holiday coming up) :) looks like your distance increases are coming along nicely too. I'm sure to let you all know how the Blaydon race went, it's something I've had on my to-do list for years


It'd be great fun to have some company, haven't done park run for some time owing to sore feet but now got swanky new shoes from Sweatshop (Metrocentre) so hopefully will get better. Thanks for the recommendation, they were really good and more thorough than DW Sports were - although still reeling at price, never paid that much for shoes in whole life!


Yes, I don't think sweatshop do 'cheap' or even 'reasonable' priced shoes but their service is great and now I know what type I need I'm keeping my eye out for the sales on various websites as the new colour to my shoe has just come out so I'm waiting for the price to drop and I'll bag a bargain and get a second pair to keep me going :)


well done, what a great achievement and so many exciting runs to aim for and look forward to...I have never been in a race where you can't take walk breaks?? That sounds a bit odd and dangerous!! Thanks for the vaseline tip :)

Good luck with your training :)


Hi Juicyju, you can walk if you need to (basically keep the left and move onto the path if told so by a marshall) it's just stipulated before you sign up that they don't take entries from people intending to walk. I read that as this isn't a 'race for life' type event etc. Thanks for the encouragement, i think we all seem to manage to surprise ourselves on a regular basis! :)


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