Perfect Graduation Run :)

Perfect Graduation Run :)

Couldn't have planned it better - for run 2 of week 9 on Thursday last I brought my boyfriend with me. He is much fitter than I am, having run for years, but kept to my pace (he maintains that taking smaller steps makes it easier on this back, suits me just fine!!) It made a nice change so he came out with me again last night. He suggested a warm-upon the (detested) elliptical/cross-trainer at home, followed by stretches and straight into the run from the front door. Have to hand it to him - it worked a treat! We took it nice and easy and by the halfway point I was feeling ambitious so we kept going a particular road sign that I knew to be 2.5k from my house (all very lo-tech, no garmin for me...yet!!), my attitude by then was, if I have to do a longer cool-down walk, so be it! 30mins came and went, still feeling good, dragged my butt up that hellish hill, total adrenalin rush..kept going on and slowly, oh so slowly completed my first 5k!!It took a grand total of 43mins at snail pace but going past 3 excited/noisy dogs, 2 sleepy dogs and 2 happy dogs on the back of a tractor I got there. I love the open road!

Like so many fellow c25kers, this is the first time I have EVER stuck with any sort of sport or physical training and I would have to credit the community here for all the encouragement and advice, even when not posting I am reading posts daily and they have made the world of difference. So..while I hope this is only the beginning, I have graduated c25k and nothing can take that away. Wohoo!!

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  • Well done! That sounds such a lot of fun and it's easier if you have a running mate. He sounds like he's going to be so useful to you. I love running in the great outdoors too and the distances just get eaten up so much faster than running on the streets. Don't ask me why or how.

    I wish my old man would run with me, or even go for a walk with me, as he used to run a lot but now is a couch potato and the only exercise he does is going to the fridge for another beer. Sigh

  • Would really love to run with my OH (AncientDad) too, in fact it's my little running fantasy, but no danger of it happening anytime soon. Lol

  • I totally agree! I find when I'm concentrating on dodging dogs and tractors I don't notice how far I've gone! It's lovely getting out into the environment too, so much healthier. Hmmmm, not sure how to encourage your fella back into running, once he gets started he'll surely get the bug again. Maybe he's lost his confidence with it a little, especially with you doing so well?

  • Congratulations on you graduation Peiginthecity. That sounds like a wonderful run.

  • Thank you AncientMum, you are very close to graduating now too! best of luck xx

  • That's fantastic, well done, and a 5K! I love your picture, lovely scenery! Enjoy your running x

  • Thanks! The pretty scenery helps, but the hills are a different matter entirely!! You too - best of luck with all of your future runs xx

  • Amazing run and amazing scenery! Well done! Don't forget your shiny badge - you've earned it!

  • Thank you! I got such a kick out of seeing the badge when it finally appeared! I didn't get too many gold stars at school, but that's made up for it!

  • Bloomin' well done. Perfection personified!

  • Thanks! It was like a fairy-tale. Straight back to reality with a bang last night for the first post-grad run! But that's the way it goes!!

  • Congratulations and super well done on pushing on for the 5k. Happy running!

  • Thank you henpen! It's amazing to be able to say "oh I just ran a 5k", great buzz!

  • Congratulations! Sounds like you stormed that graduation run.

  • Thanks! It went really well, but it's only the beginning! thanks for the encouragement xx

  • Go girl go!! Many congratulations and welcome to the graduate club. Mme Truffe and I don't run together very often but I am so glad that we share our enthusiasm for running. Good luck with your running career.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Why thank you! I love that! "keep running, keep smiling", I'm going to make that my motto from now on, thanks! :)

  • Congratulations on your graduation. A great achievement ;)

  • Thank you Paul! You are doing well too - I see you have completed week 5 now, 5 was definitely the big breakthrough week I found, the sky's the limit for you now! :)

  • Thanks :) Yes, I feel w5 is the big breakthrough as well. Looking forward to starting w6 tonight :)

  • Congratulations on graduating. No stopping you now. Nice to have company too. My old dog doesn't do new tricks but he will come out with me (he walks & I run doubling back so as not to leave him behind) because he worries now & then. Sorry I shouldn't really call him an old dog when he's good enough to keep me company.

  • Does he throw sticks for you, Waletta?

  • No but could I train him to bring them back if I threw them? Probably not.

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