Managed to run all the hills !

just lumbered around doing a 6k, kept my pace steady and managed to run all the hills, ( very slowly ) Took me just over an hour. Is anyone else like me, after getting back and having my shower I settle with a cup of tea or 2 and imagine my run, and I simply cant believe I kept going and covered the distance. Today I took off at an angle on a familiar route, it was lovely, meant I hit the main road further down so most of my "run" was country side

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  • You are well on your way to 10K now -- I also did 6k this week so it's 7k for both of us this week??

  • Im thinking 6.5 6.6 k to increase by 10% , but maybe just maybe I could push to 7 eeek !!

  • The 10% thing is for TOTAL weekly mileage . So, you are probably doing around 14Klm per week?? therefore a 10% increase would be 1.4 klm , which can be for the long run or increasing the shorter runs.

  • oh I didnt realise it was for the week, guess I lollop around 15 - 16 k a week , will have to think how I am going to increase, begining to think I will do this 10k eventually

  • Many of the programmes that I see may for example start out at 5-5-5 ( 5 ks 3 times per week) then go to 5-5-6 , then to 5-5-7 , then to 5-5-8 -- and then maybe 5-6-8 ( or something like that ) But the general idea is to not increase either the week or any particular day by too much. The run/walk Jeff Galloway programmes only have you increasing your longrun every two weeks -- but he works in miles, not K's.

  • Wow - great achievement - I am nowhere near your distance. All my runs are in the country but mainly on the roads as there isn't a decent track now- most have been undermined by the badgers so lots of holes - not safe. Good luck with the 10% increase

  • Well done GJ xx

  • Whoop whoop GJ you're doing brilliantly. 6k and hills too, what's not to like? x :)

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