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The cautious approach, part 37

So, I noticed this morning there is a 'medieval themed obstacle race' just up the road from us on Sept 5, with hog roast, medieval re-eanactment, archers, kids race etc, and its only 10k and its a good fortnight before my big Spartan race, so it would have been churlish not to enter. The kids will love it and my ribs should be up to it by then... click click, race entered.

But then i noticed ther are still places for Bristol Half Marathon the following weekend. That should be okay. Call it 'running through' and fold it into my rehab training programme.

Going to lock my credit card away now as i have just noticed another interesting looking localish OCR I could squeeze into my taper period...

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You nutter!


If you do enter the Bristol half, I'll maybe see you there 😊 I'll be the one at the back wishing I had done more training! Hope the medieval day goes well.


The medieval one sounds great - especially when you can get the whole family involved.


A hog roast at the end...I would sign up for that!! What a fun day!! Hope your ribs heal in time


Oooh that sounds good ! Great for the kids too ! :-)

Yes , always good to have something in the race diary xxx


Just a little bit bonkers ! Medieval themed obstacle race ? Sounds right up your street.


Hahaha way to go Rig! x ;-)


Hehe - lovin the sound of the medieval thingie!

I assume you don't have to run in costume - now that would be a challenge!

Good luck with all that - but make sure you don't go overdoing it - again!!

:) xx


I am imagining you there already! It's just up your alley that is. Why not! Whether you're up for the half is another question, which only you will know the answer to following your obstacle race, which will be a trial for your ribs I suspect

The hardest decision could be your costume. What a dilemma. Tee hee


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