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B210k W2R3: the saga continues with a (slight) fall from grace

Sunday morning always seems slower than the other runs, which normally take place after a long day at work! And today I tripped over an uneven paving stone (though that's not what I called it at the time!) and hit the road in another way to what I'd been doing. Strangely enough I did just pick myself up and thank a fellow morning exerciser for her concerns and share our thoughts on the state of the local pavements and then get on my way. Thank goodness for the pause button on my Endomondo sports tracker!!

Still managed 8k but do remember that is only the running part and excludes the warm up, cool down walks and the two one minute interval walks between the 15 minute runs. I am quite sure that this will slow down once I get onto the longer runs, just like it did with the C25k when I started the longer runs with W6R3.

Anyway, back to work tomorrow and I need to make the time work this Tuesday and Thursday to get through Week 2 and start Week 3 of the B210k.

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That's amazing! The fact that you can do over 8km running _already_ is really spectacular! Not sure if you saw my Week 1 Run 3 blog, but I hit 6.83km in yesterday's run. (Like you this is counting only the runs, not the warm-up walk, the cool-down walk, and the one minute walking intervals) So I've still got a long way to go! Even so, 6.83km of running is a new personal best for me!

I do my first Week 2 run tomorrow. I'm figuring that the extra five minutes will get me over the 7km mark for the first time. Based on time alone, I should be well over (only 0.17km needed!), but I assume I will run more slowly for these longer intervals. Guess I'll find out tomorrow!

Again, congratulations!!


I bow down to you guys when you start discussing distance! My short little legs do not carry me near as far as I want! :-) Steve and myself started our 10K training today. James, happy to read you remained injury free from the fall! Gayle


Thanks for the post Matthew. Getting past those markers really is inspiration. The extra five minutes should do it but remember the interval ratio is 15:1 times three and that slowed me down a bit at first. Get that 7k and you'll find that you will want to push on to better. That's how I have found it working for me. Go for it.


Tripping and falling over uneven paving stones - been there, done that and still have the scars to show for it but not a nice experience; glad you are ok.

Brilliant distance James! I too am back to work tomorrow and back to dark evening runs :( Will be doing my second run of week 1and have now downloaded Samantha's podcasts successfully thanks to shelleymbc along with another from Suz found on iTunes which might be more my type of music - anything is better than the techno rubbish I had to endure yesterday!!

Very best of luck for Tuesday! Sue


James, do make sure you haven't injured yourself before persuing your next run. Often injuries are delayed in showing themselves for a few days.

You were so good to get up and carry on. I too have had my dealings with uneven paving stones in the past-and tree roots growing over the pavement when I tripped and smashed my left arm, literally. Not through running though.

Like you Gayle i have little legs, so wonder if they will carry me when I start this.

Knee playing up today-which is a disappointment, as appeared to be better :-(

One day........

Meanwhile Matthew and James-Keep Running!! :-)

Colette x


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