Couch to 5K

Yay for me !#!?

Week 4 run 2 completed and I almost felt like a runner!! I actually call what I do a joggette as its not quite a jog but not a walk lol!! I really did not want to go as we had been out visiting some national trust gardens all day.So feel really chuffed that I did it...just the fact that I got out there..I managed 1.94 miles according to endomondo.....I will be getting my Garmin back from my son next weekend so should have accurate time and distance....not that it matters at the moment...Happy running everyone!!!

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Good stuff, well done! You're running, you're a runner! :-) Good luck for run three and happy running, always!


Brilliant! I have w4r1 in the morning - a bit scary especially when my son who is a competitive runner said he's coming out with me! Oh no the pressure! He has a Garmin though so it may give me some indication of what I'm doing! :-)


Joggette? I'm hoping you're willing to share that term.


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