DID IT !!!

so........don't really post much on here but do read lots of posts, anyway today I did my third 30 minute run of this week so I guess that means I get a badge !!!!!! :) :) :)

this is the second time I've done this programme and honestly cant recommend it highly enough.

so now onward and upward.....got my asics training plan for the Scottish half marathon in September.....

6 Replies

  • Brilliant and good luck with the half marathon training :-)

  • thank you x

  • Congratulations! Well done you! And especially well done for doing it twice.., you knew what was coming!!! Happy training. :)

  • Well done on finishing the program! Hope half marathon training goes well!

  • Well done: huge congratulations! Best of luck with the HM training! :-)

  • Fantastic, well done. Good luck with your training x

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