First 10K event - Women's Running 10K Cardiff

First 10K event - Women's Running 10K Cardiff

I did this women's-only 10K yesterday. The race was extremely well organised, with a smooth bag drop and pick-up. Even for this relatively short distance, there were loads of very encouraging marshals en route plus a number of water stations, more than enough direction signs and distance signs every kilometre, and two first aiders on bicycles making sure everyone was OK. The race was in the very lovely Bute park, with no traffic and no time limit. If all the other Women's Running events are like this one, I can thoroughly recommend them, especially to slower runners and beginners, who will meet lots of encouragement and kindness throughout.

On the basis of recent experience in my training, I decided to use Galloway run-walk-run intervals right from the start. I dropped down from my previous times and alternated 30 seconds running with 30 seconds walking from start to finish. Some of you may be thinking that is a real cop-out for a C25K graduate. However, while I expected to finish in about 90 minutes, I actually did it in 82:26!

My overall pace yesterday was about 13 minutes/mile; my Garmin recorded a little bit over 10K if you think the maths doesn't tally!. This is fairly similar to the best paces I have ever achieved in two parkruns. On those occasions, I tried to run for as long as possible (about 2 miles) before starting to take walk breaks. This time, I performed equally well but over twice the distance and walking for half the total time!!!

I remain a total convert to the Galloway method. It has transformed the running experience for this fat, older (60 years old) woman, who finds it difficult to push past her very low endurance/pain thresholds.

It was a very wet and not particularly warm day. The rain became really heavy during the second half of the race. Afterwards, I was VERY cold and hungry as well as being thoroughly drenched in rain. The wait for my hot sandwich and coffee in Subway next to Cathays station seemed endless despite probably being less than 5 minutes!!! I then had to wait 15 minutes for my train, on a platform with no waiting room, brrrrrrr. By the time I got home an hour later, I was shivering like crazy. Numerous hot drinks and a full meal later, I finally warmed up. This night owl then did something totally out of character by going to bed at 9.30 pm and sleeping for 11 hours!

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14 Replies

  • Congratulations! I'm yet to achieve the 5k so post like this are very inspiring! :-)

  • Well done Dewines and congratulations on getting a running medal for 10 k, which is no walk in the park

  • well done, you must be incredibly proud...and pleased!! :)

  • congratulations....and I have to say......60 ?? no way xx

  • Congratulations! That's a great achievement. I'm the same age and my pace is the same ( not done that distance yet!) Am off to look up that Galloway method you mention! Well done again, what a happy picture.

  • Wow that is fantastic, well done. You must feel so proud to have done that. An inspirational post, thanks for sharing x

  • Your experience sounds amazing! Well done to you! I'd like to enter the women's running 10k in September and I think you have just talked me into it! Fab achievement and a medal well deserved! Xx

  • That sounded great I too am off to do some research on this Galloway method. Doesn't sound like a cop out to me. Your smile says it all.

  • Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

    I am also using the Galloway method (in training for a 14 K in a couple of months) . Basically it is what we all did for Week1 Run 1 :)

  • Well done Dewines. Quite an achievement. Glad the walk-run method is working for you.

  • What is the Galloway method?

    I run about 10k 3 times a week just now but thinking about hedging my future to 1/2 marathon some day before I am 60!

  • Just Google Jeff Galloway marathon

  • thanks Bazza

  • ....doesn't that smile say it all!

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