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Week 7 Run 1 - Done feeling chuffed but a bit deflated as well

I am definitely struggling. I think as others find the first 5 mins I get into my stride and I thought okay that was easy. Songs keep playing Laura says you've run for 12.5 mins okay but I am finding it tough now. Struggling to remember how to breathe, maybe I should slow down - no you did 25 mins last time you can do this. 5 mins to go every minute is a challenge now, try counting, 3 mins to go I can't take it and drop my speed a little. One minute to go Laura says if you're feeling good why not speed up so you know there's always something left. I take her advice increase back up to my previous speed and I finish it

So really chuffed I've run for 25 mins. Deflated as I thought this should be getting easier. Check my statistics my max heart rate is lower than last time, my average heart rate is down, number of calories burned is down, and my average speed is up. So although my brain was telling me how hard it was my body was actually doing better. I'm wondering if I'll ever get the hang of this?

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Well done for running for 25 minutes, and DON'T feel deflated for not finding it easier than you did. It won't actually seem easier because every run brings its own challenges, and what you are meant to do gets harder to match your improved fitness and stamina - and that includes runs that repeat the same total running time.

I think your stats tell the story - you're obviously getting fitter if your heart rate is down, and you made it more difficult for yourself by running faster than you've run before. If you struggle with your breathing then I'd advise you to slow down earlier in your run, and then if you can speed up in the last minute (or 5) if you have the energy to do so. But at the moment, the aim is to improve your stamina - how long you can go for, not how fast.

Look back at how far you've come and I think you could actually gloat a little alongside feeling chuffed and ditch that deflation.


Thanks. Just back from walking our dog and your reply has cheered me up


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