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Final run done but feel a bit deflated

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Anticipating the final run was fun, doing it was fine and I even kept going for a few extra minutes. I really want to be exhilarated but instead i feel a bit deflated.

Maybe I need a new goal (like actually reaching 5k) or maybe a nice Flipbelt present to myself. Or a graduation badge!

Sorry to whinge but just wondered if anyone else had felt like this?

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Congratulations!!! You’ve done an amazing thing and hopefully you will see that yourself very soon.

I also have to reach 5k and will be working towards that now; I’ve ordered my flip belt and think you should too 😊

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I felt a bit deflated too. Was more excited when I did 20 minutes 😂You just need to think about where you were a few months back. Enjoy some free running for a while then get a goal. Good luck 😉

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You have done something proud.

You may find this guide to post C25K running helpful

Keep running, keep smiling.

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SararararaGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

Very comprehensive, thank you it’s just what I needed!

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You've done an amazing thing, just remember that! Go and treat yourself to a Flipbelt in your favourite colour, I got one a week before graduating and I love it. I've my first post graduation run this evening, I'm running somewhere completely different to where I've ran throughout the program and feel really excited about it. There's the C25K+ you can do, and loads of tips on the post. Just think about how far you've come and all the marvellous runs that lie ahead 😊

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I know what you mean! I had a similar feeling but all turned out well, am just about to post - and gifts to self - yes!

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Congratulations and I felt something similar when I graduated, it seemed like the end of something rather than the beginning of another adventure, once I thought of it like that, I felt better. My husband got himself a flip belt and he says it’s amazing, so as gift for finishing C25K and the start of a new adventure I’d go and get one!

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Congrats on completing C25K, I'm not half way through yet. I have signed up for a local 5k event which will take place a few weeks after I complete (graduate), and it has rather nice, bespoke medal for everyone who finishes. So not only does it give me something to look forward to after C25K, but a medal to mark my achievement as well!

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SararararaGraduate in reply to Julian1970

Thanks! The time goes soooo quickly and it’ll be your parkrun in no time. You should wear your medal casually over your regular clothes!

I now wear a sash when I run (in my imagination!)

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Julian1970Graduate in reply to Sarararara

Oh I don't think I'll ever take it off. I will casually play with it when ever I meet anyone until they say, "Oh that's a nice medal, where did you get it?" And then I will reply, "Oh this thing . . . it's nothing really." And then proceed to bore them with my struggle with fitness and how I over came my "fear" of running to conquer my 1st 5k run . . . . . . . or maybe I will just place it on the shelf and smile when I look at it and think I earned that.

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