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So near...but so far...lol

just about to start wk9 run 1...

cannot believe I am here at the last wk of this programme.

Have had such an amazing time learning to run.

had fantastic runs...

and some major brick wall moments (nearly gave up)..but I came on line and read through all the advice/comments on here throughout the wks as I ran ..and it helped me immensely

couldn't have got where I am without the advice on heer..

well...heer goes...Wk9..Run1...am coming to get you..lol

Onwards and Upwards...

Have a fantastic wk folks...


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Good luck with your runs in this important week. I did R1W9 this morning and it is a fantastic feeling when you achieve it. Best wishes.


thanks..that's the 1st run done..an managed it better than I thought I would..im looking forward in getting to the end. After all the hard training I've done. But kinda sad too..lol..as I have really enjoyed my self as I've worked through the programme....good luck to your self with finishing wk 9..jules


You are spoilt for choice regarding what to move on to. The C25K+ podcasts which are still with Laura. You can also take a more relaxed approach to your continued running and work out your own programme if you wish to. And, of course, still post on this forum. Plenty to keep you going for a bit longer.


You have run 28 mins x 3 so the only thing stopping you running 30 is you. You can do this. If you need an extra day or two to rest then take it then do your 3 x 3 min runs fresh. Not long now!

Enjoy your graduation!


thanks.. am really enjoying the programme. Don't think I will ever give up running. I still find it hard to believe I am actually running. Might not be the fastest but I can last the pace

have a great wk-end jules


Hope the runs are going well and good luck for your graduation run. Its a wonderful feeling isn't it. Nearly there for me too.


thanks..1st run was better than I thought it would be..I so wanted to high 5 someone at the end as I completed it..lol..but no one was home. Had a massive smile on my face all day

2nd run tomorrow...onwards an upwards..

and good luck to you as you near the end of the programme. Well its not the end. But the beginning of a great journey of running...jules


Hope r2 went well for you, nearly there now. I did r1 this morning, getting nervous as my knee is playing up a bit still but strangely doesn't hurt when I run, maybe its the endorphins! Good luck.


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