Week 9 Run 2 done and in the bag! Any other outside runners have problems with running in windy places?

I am so excited first of all. Run 2 of Week 9 completed and I actually managed to run a bit further today! I ran 3.68 km which was a wee bit further than I did the first run this week. Don't even care that I still have to train to get to the full 5K because I'm doing it!

Today where I run was a bit windy, meaning that at one point a good gust pushed me slightly sideways. Because of the pathways I run at the park, sometimes I am running directly into the winds, sometimes they are blowing from the side across me. Just curious if anyone might know if this slows a person down. It's not like they are going to blow me over completely but they are pretty strong at times.


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15 Replies

  • It certainly slows you down. The wind directly at you is just like a plane flying into a headwind!

    Wouldn't worry about it too much - you've just gone and done 30 minutes running for the second time!

    One more to graduation!!! Good luck!

  • Seconded: the hardest stretch I ever ran was not only uphill but into the wind. One more run to go: hope it's a good one!

  • Well done on progress, graduation next. It is nearly always windy where I am, hence my title! When it is more than 18-20 mph I try and find somewhere a bit sheltered and maybe run up and down that same stretch. Its a bit boring but makes it doable. Yesterday was cold,wet and windy and I am recovering from a cold so I resorted to the treadmill in the gym. That's another story which I am going to post about.

  • Oh, yes, It will slow you down.

    Don't worry about time and distance as long as by graduation you are doing 30 mins OR 5k, it doesn't matter. It's nice to do both, I'm sure, but if you do one you have nailed it.

  • I know I don't have that much more to go to get to the full 5k so in the coming weeks that is my goal. Tomorrow is my last 30 minutes before I start putting together my own playlist of music!

  • Good luck with the run. Don't forget there are no prizes, so take your time and enjoy your running.

    Let us know how you get on.

  • It was a great run! :) And I told myself as I was going to park my car that this run was for *me*. I haven't posted yet that I graduated, but I immediately texted my best friend when I did :D

  • Congrats on the Graduation! You must be so pleased;we are for you!!

    What next? Enjoying running without the distractions of Laura? Whatever you do,keep running and enjoy every minute of it.

  • I find windy weather makes running much harder. I don't mind rain and I love running when its warm. But windy weather slows me right down and takes my breath!

  • Brilliant achievement for getting this far. Not long now! I had to stop during a run recently as the wind was so strong I wasn't going anywhere (I'm quite light!) and was running on the spot. It was a bit funny but no I don't like running in the wind. Rain, yes.

  • Well done! One more run to go, fantastic :)

  • Well done on getting to week 9! You will soon join the Graduates :) It is a tremendous achievement and gives one a real sense of satisfaction to have completed it. And it is nothing to be sniffed at, you know, running for 30 minutes continuously without stopping.

    A head/cross-wind will certainly give you some resistance training :) and serve to slow you down but just think of how easy it will be for you to run 30 minutes with no wind! You're gonna fly! Wheeeeee! :D

    Can you hear everyone cheering you on to the finish line? It's a great feeling when you cross to the other side, but then what? What are your plans then? We can feel a bit flat without that reassuring voice telling us we are doing well and have just another five minutes to go so do download the C25k+ Let us know which is your favourite?

    Go, Shadowmichael! <cheers & whistles>

  • Thank you :D I know that it won't be windy when I do run my 5k in November. And by that time, I hope they can all keep up with me :D

  • Definitely slows you down. Sometimes the headwind is so strong that it feels like you are running backwards! Funny though, it never seems to make it easier or faster when the wind is at your back......

  • I so agree that it does slow you down, especially if you are running up a gradient. I honestly think the wind completely disappears as soon as I get to the top of the incline only to reappear when I am starting to run back up for the second, third, etc., time.

    Funny how there are some things in life that are just never there when you need them!!

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