wk7 run3 completed

First and third run ok, went too fast and tired myself out quickly on the second run. I appear to have picked up a niggling injury, not painful but uncomfortable. It is in my left calf and it feels like a big area of pressure especially when I stretch the front of my thighs out, where you hold your foot up behind your bum and hold it. Can run ok but this pressure has been there since I fell just over a week ago. Still have bruises and tender knees from the fall too, I am keen to crack on with wk8 as I feel I am going to able to do it albeit relatively slowly, I hope this injury isn't going to impede my progress as I was hoping to graduate before I go on holiday in three weeks time. Any ideas or suggestions?

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  • I've got stiff calves at the moment and I've not had them before. Make sure you take your rest day and you might like to do a bit of yoga to stretch the yours calfs out a bit. I've been doing post run stretching as well. I think it's our bodies protesting at having to do more than they're used to.

  • Your calf might just be tender after your fall, in which case time will heal it. But if it's just tight, then stretching and a foam roller will work wonders. If your purse (and body!) can take it, a sports massage is brilliant for loosening really tight muscles. Good luck!

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