Couch to 5K

Why didn't I know about this???

Morning all (just),

We have returned from our very first parkrun today and what a brilliant idea they are. I can't believe we have only just found out about them.

The event was supremely slick, the volunteers were wonderful and the support from all the other runners was excellent.

I have noticed a number of people here mention how difficult it is to set your own pace, so with that in mind we kept to the back half of the pack thinking that would make it easier. How wrong we were. Headed out way too fast for me and by the time I got to the second lap I was dead. Kev on the other hand (as usual) was breezing along barely out of breath, chatting about the trees and flowers we were passing while I was wheezing one word answers.

With the finish line in sight Kev suggested we pick up he pace. 'Nooooo' was the only word I could manage at the time.

Despite the farce of my breathing today, we will be going again (and again and again), but I might try starting my iPhone app next time to check my pace, although from what I understand this probably won't help either.

Happy days.

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So glad you enjoyed it Chrissy and yes they are brilliantly organised and a bit addictive! And you can't help but go fast can you?

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No you really get caught up in the fun. I felt brilliant for the first k, it will take some practice though.


Ha! It's a horrible feeling when you realize you started too fast and that you've burned all the fuel in your tank. After several races like that I now start my races with a mantra, repeating 'pass no one, pass no one' over and over in my head, keeping it at a crawling speed until that initial burst of excitement at the start is over.


Lol we will try that next week.


Really pleased you enjoyed yourself. I think parkrun is fab. Pacing will get easier and you will get to know when you can go for a quick burst! Enjoy! x 😃


It was truly fab. I will have to lobby to get one in our local park as it is perfect for it.


Well done. Parkrun is brilliant! This morning was super muggy weather too so you did well to complete the course if you set off much faster than normal


Yeah the mugginess got to me. Really struggled - but still as you say, we completed the course and in a respectable time too.


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