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I have had the couch25k downloaded on my iphone for ages, always meaning to do it, but never, actually getting round to it.

I think I am fairly fit, I go to the gym, do zumba classes and walk to and from school twice a day, which is a mile and a half round trip.

The thought of running has always appealed to me.

I started yesterday, just walking and jogging up and down the garden path, with my dog in tow. No aches, just looking forward to tomorrow:)))

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Well done you for starting, but ... you must have a fairly decent garden path ?!!

Welcome to the community, you will find it a great place for help and support.


LOL, I was thinking exactly the same - that is a hell of a garden! My yard is only about 7metres, that would be a lot of circles just to get one 60 second run in! Good luck with the rest of the programme Mrs Bird!


Good luck for the rest of your journey :)


Welcome. Its great here :)


Keep going its quite addictive.


I've just finished with the couch25k app and started on the path in my garden too. I emerged on week 6 but found it so different on the roads that I had to redo week 6 for a couple of weeks! I found that I ran faster (although still quite slow!) on the roads than in the garden. I'm so pleased that I can now run 30 minutes and I can now run (or rather jog) with a smile on my face too!


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