Hitting a wall?!

So until 7 weeks ago I hadn't ever run, and I thought I couldn't run however, I'm now 7 weeks into the CT5K programme and although I'm very proud of my achievements so far I seem to have hit a wall and cannot seem to do a complete 25mins run. Has anyone else experienced this? Does anyone have any helpful hints and tips they'd like to share? I'm hoping you as a community can give me a metaphoric kick up the bum!


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6 Replies

  • Counter intuitive maybe, but try going a tad slower, also try walking it off then doing another 10 minutes run to build your stamina.

    Main thing is, keep trying :-)

  • that must be so frustrating, no help I'm afraid but would def go slower loads slower, my pace is pathetic,but I will work on speed once I get thru

    Whatever you do, dont quit, it will happen

  • Slowing it down a bit is probably wise advice. I had a bit of a blip in my final weeks where I couldn't get past 22 minutes... the problem for me was that I was going too darn fast... You're only new to this thing so don't beat yourself up over it.. you were doing NO running 2 months ago...

    Recognising when you're running out of steam and being able to slow your pace are things we all need to learn as part of this programme so just make a note to yourself that when Laura says you're halfway along just to slow down a bit to keep that energy for the final few minutes....

    And - once again - remember how far you've come... this is just a pacing and timing issue - don't beat yourself up and keep at it... imagine how AWESOME you'll feel when you complete it (regardless of how long it takes!)...

  • I hear you! I completed week 6 with what I considered relative ease. So there I went into week 7 full of enthusiam and just couldn't do it. I don't know why but I couldn't seem to last. I have had a couple of weeks off now, just because of injury and also a knock to my confidence and have decided that I am going to complete runs 1 & 2 from week 6 twice and then back to run 3 then onto week 7 again to give myself a chance and build up the stamina more. I have missed running so really want to get back into it as I really enjoy it now I have started so I'm not going to be beaten.

  • I had a week off also due to injury and it was definitely needed. Glad to hear you're better now, sounds like you've got a good plan in place so well done.

  • Thank you all so much for your responses. I don't think I'm going too quick as I'm not getting to a marker on my route (at the half way point) however I will definitely try it. You're all absolutely right, I was not running 2 months ago and I am still new to this. I'm hoping that once I crack this run I would have broken the back bone of training and will start to enjoy the runs a lot more without having to concentrate so much on everything I'm doing. Maybe that's my problem, try not to concentrate too much on what I'm doing and enjoy it more. I also don't think what I'm eating is always helping, I'm a fairly healthy eater but I'm also aware of how important food is to me as I'm studying a diploma in nutritional therapy. Hoping that stripping back my food and a serious about of determination will help me crack this 25min run.

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