Couch to 5K

First run outside and I loved it!!

I'm fortunate enough to live on a farm in a beautiful and quiet part of Cornwall but so far I have always run in the gym on a treadmill. With such gorgeous weather and the other half out doing silage, I decided today (W4R2) was the day for my first outside run. I can't believe what a difference it makes running outside with the changing scenery rather than having to watch my own face getting redder and redder in the mirror.

The only downside of where I live is there are an awful lot of steep hills so I must admit I did put Laura on pause and walk for a little longer until I came across a decent level stretch and wouldn't be running uphill. Going to try my route in reverse next time so I'm heading down the really steep hill instead of up it and I might not have to put Laura on pause for so long.

Along the entire 5k route I only came across a handful of dog walkers and one car so I really did feel like I had the place to myself and felt an awful less self-concious than running next to speedsters in the gym. I might just have become an outside running convert!!

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Glad you enjoyed the outside run! Lovely, isn't it, with the scenery, sights and smells, and the option to go wherever you please. The freedom to suddenly go a different way or explore a new area/road/lane/village or wherever, is wonderful. I feel your disconcertment about the hills though; I can't escape the things, but remember, what goes up must come down, and the downhill stretches offer great relief, eventually, after the climb, and make it worthwhile!

Well done on such an enjoyable run and good luck for R3. :-)


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