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First week of graduation. First run outside... I'm scared !


So I've done all my runs on my treadmill. I've run outside many years ago, but now I live in a different suburb and I'm scared. I feel so silly being scared of running outside but I am ☹️. I live in a wealthy inner city beach suburb in Melbourne. EVERYONE runs here, people drive to run here along the beach. I'm scared of 'real' runners. I'm stil pretty over weight, I've been running at 9.5 km/ph on my tready on a good incline. But I feel so self conscious amoung the Lycra clad crew. I'm scared to not have my safety net of my kms on my tready. But I know I need to get out there. I know you guys will tell me just do it, because I would say the same to someone else. So I'm going to do it, I've mapped my route, I have two running apps that I've tested on my tready, my clothes and shoes are at the end of my bed ready, alarm is set. But I'm scared and I just had to tell someone. Like making a speech in a dream naked scared. But it's my last hurdle in this running game. 👊🏼💪🏼✨✨✨💫👟👟

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You'll be fine! Nobody will pay any attention to you. Please report back when you've been out! Good luck!

Good luck ivawillow ( see what you did there😊)

Don't worry about other runners, this is YOUR run.. take it very slow to start with. It may feel silly but its necessary.

Keep your head up and stand tall. Small steps, shoulders down. Breath.

Sounds like a lovely run. Stay on the flat if you can as its your first time outside.

Enjoy it... 😊😊😊

Good luck.x


Welcome to the great outdoors!!!

As the others say, probably nobody will give you a second glance. When first running outside after the dreadmill, many people find it hard to pace themselves, so start off nice and slow until you find what you can manage comfortably.


hi Ivawillow, congrats on graduating!

When I needed a prop I found a cap and sunglasses did it just fine, and where you are that is cool anyway. You will soon find you love being outdoors, especially where you are running. Enjoy😎😎😎😎😎


I started this running lark feeling the same. I am old, overweight and my breathing reflects the Exercise Induced asthma I have had all my life.

W1 nearly killed me - staggering around the Park, bent over double, wheezing like ET in a Gas Chamber - and when I would stop it felt like my lungs were coming out my nose and my rear end was trying to grab the oxygen my body so frantically demand. Add the sweet induced not only by unaccustomed exercise but the high 90's temps and I was NOT a subtle addition to the Park scenery :)

Still - I was hooked after that first run. And since then evenmore addicted to running. I see so much now every time I run around that same PArk. I used to walk around it for years and it was bloody boring. But when you run, you really - despite the physical discomfort - either enter a wonderful meditative kind of zone or you see so much because your senses are totally on fully functional :)

As for the 'others' - the runners know what you are going through and respect you for it, the 'mockers' are stupid and after the first smirk or two I now really don't notice them - and if I do I get great joy in imagining my ever increasingly healthy heart beating away while they turn blue and die of cardiac failure because of NOT running and a really crappy attitude :) The Walkers will wish they could run, the vast majority of people will simply glance at you and then return to their own worries about life, the Universe and everything else - we really are not that important.

And how in heck does anyone know - unless they see you come out your front door - just how far you have run anyway? Even now if I see someone sprinting gaily along I assume they are just that - Sprinters. If I see someone obviously labouring along - well, looks like they have already run a considerable distance, right?

But at the end of the day - its all about what is in your own mind. Most of us don't change until the pain of changing becomes less than the pain of continuing what we are. I was fed up of being unhealthy and bored. I am no longer bored, that's for sure (read my earlier posts about various 'incidents' in the Park ) am becoming a heck of a lot healthier since just June 1st - have lost over twelve pounds and mentally have a new lease on life, and cannot wait until tomorrow and another run even though the first ten minutes will be seemingly impossible for me to run 'that far' :)

It's hard to break old habits, and your mind will try to convince you to quit - but I really do hope you stay and run with us. We may run by ourselves here, but we never run alone - we are all in this together :)

Best Wishes take it slow and steady, that's what gets us further on the Journey every time :)

stewieUKGraduate in reply to Irish-John

Another superb response Irish-John . You truly are an inspiration!

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to stewieUK

Thank you Stewie 🙂

pollyp1Graduate in reply to Irish-John

Sorry, I got stuck on the 'I'm old...' comment. Err?? You're the same age as me and I'm not old!

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to pollyp1

We are like bottles of wine - some of us improve with age, that would be you, and some of us are absolutely corked, that would be me ;)

pollyp1Graduate in reply to Irish-John


I am so glad you want to run outdoors - you will love it. But it's the first run that you're anxious about... Understandably - once you get going you will be fine. Like others have said, start steady and you will get into a comfortable rhythm. Let's us know how it goes :-) all the best.


I am sure you'll be fine. Everyone else will be focused on their own run


You can do this and will feel amazing when you have overcome this hurdle!

Nobody pays much heed to each other and you have earned your stripes as a runner. Just be aware that the transition can be a little tricky because you have to find your own pace.

So, deep breath, lace up those shoes and head out for a short slow run to see how it feels.

Good luck!


You can do it, good luck x


Thank you so much for all your support!! I means a lot! I woke up checked my phone and read all your messages and got out of bed and got going. I did put on make up haha! Just couldn't go outside yet without it. I almost didn't wear my lucky shorts... I've worn them on every run, they are really short. I decided I hate things on my legs so I wore them, one nasty women looked my legs up and down. But stuff her! I got some big smiles and grinned back like a crazy person 😂.

I'm so glad you guys told me to slow down, when I got my pace I realised that I was still going a bit fast and slowed down a bit more. I ran the quiet section and it was so much better than the tready! I normally struggle a little on the last 10 mins and a lot on the last 5. It was so much easier, I think because I had more to look at than the time.

I actually ran 32.5 mins 💪🏼 because I was so close to making 5k, so I pushed on to make the 5 km. Defiantly will be going out again. ✨✨✨💫💫👟👟

Thanks again people's!!

stewieUKGraduate in reply to Ivawillow

Thanks for letting us know how it went. 5km in 32mins is pretty good going. All my running has been treadmill apart from one abortive attempt at the great outdoors but I WILL do it.

Irish-JohnGraduate in reply to stewieUK

I DREAM about that kind of time lol 😂 However, the outside world gives me lots to enjoy and feel interested in apart from time/distance so I always enjoy it. I really hope you join us outside Stewie ☺

Thanks for the run report Ivawillow..

Brilliant run. Lucky shorts did their job😄

Pleased that you enjoyed your run outside and that you found it easier than you expected. Well done on getting to the 5k mark too!

Stewie let us know how you get on next time you try outside.. SLOW start.😊


It is in your head, the other runners aren't interested in you only in their own run. Also remember they would of been beginners once too however slick they look now.

If you're lucky enough to live by the sea take advantage of it, I am and it is lovely.

The hardest part of a run sometimes is putting on your trainers and leaving the house.

Now you have done it once it will get easier each time. Putting makeup before a run that's dedicated I'm lucky if I brushed my hair.

32 mins is a great time.

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