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Tonight's B210K, Tip & Park Run Result

Did a hill walk of 5.45k in 43m 58secs this lunchtime as needed to catch up some distance for the 5x50 after only having time for a short walk yesterday. Left me 15mins to eat :-)

This evening I was going out to do B210k w2r2 – that was the plan. But I obviously changed the podcast at the beginning somehow because as I was running along the trail, being kind to myself by taking the easier downward gradient to start with, I realised I’d had no prompt to walk. Now I haven’t read what I’m supposed to do on these podcasts and couldn’t meddle with what was playing as I didn’t have my glasses with me so I decided to run and see what happened. As time went on I thought I might get a walk prompt at 20 mins, then 30mins but all I got was ‘you’re halfway’ – in more ways than one as I happened to be as far from home as I intended going, so I turned round and went back the way I’d come which is one of my least favourite things to do – an out and back, much prefer a circuit. Thought that as I’d done half an hour non-stop I could stop at any point from there should I need to. And you know what? Even though it was mostly uphill gradients and with a long section with a head wind, I made it to the 60 mins running. 5min cool down still left me 8 mins away from home which I walked (apart from about 200mwhen I thought I might run a bit more, but decided enough was enough and walked again).

When I got back I did plenty of stretching and cold water on the legs followed by a warm shower so hoping I can walk tomorrow :-)

So I did:-

Time: 1hr 18mins 17secs including warm up/down/extra walking


725cals which with this lunchtime’s 313 means I’ve exercised 1038cals - pass me the chocolate :-)

I’m doing my first 10k on 18th May (I’ve elected to start in the slowest section) – so after tonight I think I may abandon going through the podcast in sequence on my 3 weekly runs, build up to the hour from 45mins and use C25k+ speed and stamina on my other 2 runs – assuming I don’t muck up setting them going that is!


I picked up a jacket tip on my first Saturday parkrun: instead of taking your jacket off and tying it around your waist, you can unzip most of the way down, take your arms out and tie them around your waist. That way you won't lose your jacket as you run (but probably won't cover you bum). This may be well known but was new to me. But if your jacket is very loose at the bottom it may not work without also tying the arms into the zipped part (I had to do that to avoid it falling down).

And I was right: I finished as the first woman in my age category - I was the only woman in my age category lol :-) :-)

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Wow ! That's a pretty impressive day's exercise and good times too. Really well done !


Wow from me too! I'm sort of having a chat with myself about starting B210K but I only ever did this to assist my weight loss and lower my blood pressure - both done and I never ever entertained doing any more but I think I've been infected with all the enthusiasm of you lovely people. My hubby can't believe I joined the 5x50 gang (and he gets dragged out to do all the non-running days with me so he's getting some benefit too ;-) )

I'm so in awe of your 'accidentally' running 12k - well done :D


Thanks. I've amazed myself.


Stunning! Hope your legs still work tomorrow! :)


That's a huge amount of running and walking for one day :) Big cheer :D


Wow, that's impressive.


I take my hat off to you - so well done. And a great tip about how not to lose your jacket ...


Thanks everyone. It was a big day in the end. Entirely unintentional but that's how these things usually work isn't it. Slept well for once :-)

Legs working OK today, no real stiffness to speak of and just done my usual lunchtime walk which I'm making sure covers 5k each time for now - no running tonight though!


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