Team C25K @ Richmond Parkrun!

What a beautiful (if rather hot) morning for a parkrun! This morning as I arrived I saw someone who looked familiar from a photo here on this very site - I had a good old squint to make sure before sidling up to say hello, and yes, it was indeed our very own SuperDanZargo!

Well, Dan is a thoroughly nice chap, and we had a good old natter about running and stuff, and he really does say 'amazeballs' in real life, which is totes hilaire!

I also noticed him glide effortlessly past me at about 3.5km as I plodded up that last hill. Oh well, I couldn't let him be beaten by a girl, could I? ;-)

So well done Dan, lovely to meet you, and here's hoping we both get PBs! Note I am getting in early with this post so now he HAS to say nice things about me!!


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  • Great stuff - Well done TurboTortoise and Dan! Amazeballs ;-)

  • Thank you! It was hot, and hard work!

  • We did it! Me in 26.59, no wonder my legs were screaming at me. I will let Dan reveal his own pb...

  • Duly done on't blog!

  • Yay!!! What a run TT! Sending congratulations for your sub 27 performance today. Twas lovely meeting you and your ponytail. Let's do it again sometime! :-)

  • Ah yes, the ponytail phenomenon - the only bounce you should ever see on a correctly attired lady runner (I know you gents have your 'areas' too)...

  • Hahahaa...well done TT - what a fabulous time! Congratulations!

  • Thank you!

  • Might see you both soon... ;)

  • Oh do come along! Though having read your graduation blog you might turn out to be frighteningly speedy...

  • I'm fairly sure I'll be following you both - that Richmond Park course has some hills on it! Towpaths don't... :)

  • Well done TT. You should start a little running club! x

  • Ooh now there's a thought!

  • I've not tried talking AND running... that could be interesting... or exhausting!

  • Why not... You area runner and I'm sure there are more people in your area doing C25K. I'm joining one next Monday. It's just nice to have someone to help you along or challenge you a bit. x

  • You know I have wondered about trying out one of the local running clubs - they do various routes in Richmond Park and welcome people who want to have a taster session. Their websites look quite last-century though, although I'm sure they are very friendly and inclusive.

  • I was talking to a lady on my last parkrun. This one is on a running track and there is no one saying you must run x amount of times or your out! I do love running with my dog but I need the challenge of running against someone to push me on!

    S X

  • Well done on your time - caught it from Dan's blog but had read your earlier. Are you going to sign up for his 10K Beer Run as I have decided to call it.!

  • Is it actually beer stations instead of water stations or just beer at the end I wonder? Sounds intriguing.

  • Beer run, beer run! Elaborate, Elaborate

  • This beer run relates to the Turks Head 10K - our man Dan Z did it in both 2014 and 2015, but as soon as he said he was doing it last year I thought it sounded like a pub - and low and behold it was related to a pub so I nicknamed it the beer run. Perhaps you and, Rob and Bailey need to check it out south of river next year.

    Hope your running going well - were you all doing hte City one mile last weekend

  • Rob did Bailey and I stayed home. Thought beer run was too good to be true!

  • Yes the Turk's Head 10k has been and gone this year (7 June). There was a rumour that there would be beer at a "special refreshment" station at 7k, but all they were handing out was mini doughnuts!

  • Hi that's a great time! and looks like you met a new pal! Out of interest what is your weekly training regime? I would really like to get faster at 5ks (and 10) whilst I can plod for miles my speed isn't that good. Always keen to learn how runners get there. Well done again on your pb :)

  • Gosh, no 'regime' as such!! I just try and run three times a week, one against the clock 5k/parkrun scenario, one longer run (8-10k, usually Richmond Park, with hills) and one other run, either intervals or whatever I feel like on the day. I've done a couple of 10k races and I've found those and the parkruns have really helped push me to go faster. It has been quite a long and gradual process though.

  • Great time and must have been lovely to meet old friend for first time

  • Yes, it's 'amazeballs' how the blog makes you feel you know someone already!

  • wow...sounds like you were fabulous ( well done on the time) ... and you met Mr fab.. :)

  • It was fab to meet someone from this site in person. My god that run was so tough though. I tried your PTBPTB mantra near the end, I reckon it got me that extra second under 27' which is really pleasing, psychologically.

  • Congratulations. Amazing runs for both of you :-)

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks, it was hopefully all worth it (my legs still ache a bit today)!

  • Aww loved reading you and Dans blogs. Great times for you both too. Well done. Ps Im so jealous. I want to meet someone and go hey i know you from here. Haha.

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