What a beautiful day to graduate!

Well after just 9 weeks I have completed c25k this morning! I started out on this programme in the hope of giving my self some "me time"( I am a busy mum of 3) and get a bit fitter in the process! I started out somewhat tentatively not really believing that I would get to the end and I think I am in a bit of a state of shock that I have actually achieved my goal!! Thank you to everyone for the encouragement and support along the way you have all been fantastic!! For anyone just starting out on the programme, stick at it, it does work. If I can do this, trust me anyone can!!!! I'm now off to celebrate in the sunshine!! Happy Running everyone!!!! :)

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  • Congratulations on a great achievement. Now get your graduate badge quick and proclaim it to the world!

  • Thank you AncientMum! Graduation badge duly requested!!

  • Well done that's such a great feeling... Time to celebrate! :)

  • Many Thanks Juicyju, definitely a good feeling. Now got to set some training goals!

  • Fantastic!!! Congratulations. I hope you have a super smug day in the sun. Hope to be doing the same soon

  • Many Thanks Laurae, definitely going to have a big grin ALL DAY! Good Luck with your running !!

  • Good for you! Congrats.

  • Thank you ! Good Luck on the programme :)

  • Fantastic, well done! Have a lovely day in the sunshine. Enjoy your running! x

  • Thank you no-excuse! :)

  • I'm right there with you. Well done! It was a beautiful morning to graduate I have to agree. I am just going to finish the housework then have a bit of time sitting in the garden feeling just a little bit proud of myself. I hope you do too and many congratulations again!

  • Well done and thank you mightmegs you should be feeling very proud of yourself! Enjoy the moment and good luck with your future running :)

  • I say old thing, jolly well done! What a truly spiffing story to read. You owe yourself a glass of something bubbly and French methinks....!

  • Many Thanks Dan. Something bubbly and french duly on ice for this evening:)

  • Congrats runningmummy71: The weather was glorious and you were victorious! We both got badged today. I even found energy to do some gardening in the sunshine afterwards...Enjoy your day off tomorrow in even more sunshine and don't stop celebrating. We'll toast you tonight when Mr SJ takes me out for a slap-up celebratory dinner. Cheers!

  • Congratulations and thank you! Its a great feeling isn't it! Oooh slap up dinner, lucky you my other half is cooking for us and did get a bottle of bubbly in! Enjoy your celebration tonight and good luck with your future running :)

  • Runningmummy71,.You were just toasted as promised. From an aptly named restuarant in sunny Brussels "La Fattoria" Cheers!

  • Cheers secretjogger. the restaurant sounds just like my kind of place hence the need to take up running!! Many thanks for the toast and hope you enjoyed your meal. What a lovely other half you must have! :)

  • Congratulations - I hope you continue to enjoy your 'me ' time!

  • Many thanks Ullyrunner :)

  • Congratulations....it's a fabulous feeling isn't it ?

    Happy running :)

  • Thank you It is an amazing feeling. I am still in shock that I have actually done it! Just goes to show what you can achieve when you try!!Good Luck with your running:)

  • Congratulations! Great post - happy running!

  • Thank you aussiegtc. Looking forward to see how much further I can take my running, gets a bit addictive doesn't it? All my best wishes for your running too!

  • Well done, congratulations, cymbals, drum roll, and so on. You've just reaped the reward for all your hard work. Enjoy your success, you've earned it. Good luck with your post graduate running and best wishes.

  • Many Thanks Fitmo! You've given some very sound advice along the way not just to me, but to many others! Joined the father and sun quest to try and get my 5k time down to 30 mins ( might need some serious effort on my part). Will keep posting my progress. Best wishes, keep running!! :)

  • Da da da da, da DAAA ! That's me playing you a trumpet fanfare! What a lovely day to graduate on, all the clear blue skies and sunshine to boot. Keep posting as you keep on running! Hope your children are suitably in awe of the graduate in their midst....

  • Many thanks for your good wishes. My children are impressed unfortunately not enough to get up and join me! My eldest is 19 and it can be tricky to get her to move at all!!! Will keep posting, good luck with your running too :)

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