23k done and No further for me!!

23k done and No further for me!!

Long run was postponed yesterday due to a long hospital appointment. Nothing serious.. just normal waiting times. Anyway OCD kicks in again and cannot possibly run with my normal routine interrupted. This proved to be beneficial because I do not indulge in the vino/ gorgeous food that weekends are for !! from Sunday.

As always, before a long run (or any really) I read your posts and sometimes respond with cuppa in hand and pj bottoms on! After all, Skype calls cannot see below the desk!!

Nor do my emails see the fact that a suit lives in the cupboard that rarely see daylight unless I am called out of my elusive wife/ Director's PA state and have join in, in the corporate nightmare! The joys of working from home - I recommend it really! :)

I digress, The point of this is that I finally achieved tonight what I never thought I could!! I made it to two further bridges (not just one!! Two!). A wonderfully dry evening, scenic as always- it just felt right. At 16k my hip stared to ache so took a little time to stretch it out and it was fine.

It was a tough run towards the end. I must have looked so pitiful for that last k because I knew it was slow but I did it!! 23k!!! the ultimate goal for me. The shivering has now gone . The copious glasses of milk are working a treat and I am able to string a sentence together again. Albeit not as coherently as I would like !! nevertheless I have nothing more to prove to myself, I can run half marathon distances but I am going to start enjoying my shorter runs and playing around with speed. Thanks Moger for you support today:)

Hope all you wonderful people who have your individual goal reach them too! Have fun! Dog tired!.....

p.s The first part of the GPS never records because of my location x

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19 Replies

  • Wow. You are really an inspiration!

  • Thank you!! but I am the product of the success story of c5k, honestly could not have done this without the podcasts and the support on here. After tonight I have no idea how people can do marathons and will be in complete awe of them. Hope you are getting on okay and please remember we all started on week 1 :)

  • Hello! My stamina is flaked on the table still trying to do work stuff looking out of one eye! A couple of days off running now!! I think, bearing in mind my legs have forgotten how to move. Keep posting Kittykat - you are so cute! :)

  • Wow! That's amazing. Well done!

  • Thank you! Congratulations - you've done it!!! A new phase and goal shift for you too.! I wish you all the best and hope to see your parkrun news, weekly progress and races!! Won't be long..... :) :)

  • Wow Carole..that is epic !!!! ...I never use that word,just came to me when I read your post :)

    I am ,right this minute,that person in pj's with mug of tea, reading of other 's exploits on here ,contemplating ( well,delaying ) going out for my " long run" ...10 or perhaps 11K ,can't even get my head round the prospect of doing 23 !

    Well done ...it's an amazing achievement ,hope you're feeling good this morning x

  • Thanks Carole! Yes not too achey- It was a slow plod the last 10k but it is such a good feeling knowing that I can do it. You will too I am not extraordinary to anyone else here and nor would `i profess to be so. Just pushing my longs runs further when it feels right is what works for me. You will too! I promise!! Good luck today running in the very beautiful France! x

  • 23K that is truly fantastic. Well done you!

    I feel inspired to get out there already, the sun is shining...... oh, but I have a days work to do first :-(

  • Thank you - I don't blame you wanting to get out there ! A lovely day for a jaunt. Enjoy it later when it cools down a bit. Work just gets in the way sometimes!..... Have fun :)

  • Fantastic stuff!

    But..... Err hem.... "23k!!! the ultimate goal for me". 23k? That's about 14 miles or so... Doesn't 15 sound like a nicer rounder number to finish on......?

    Go on, you know you want to....

  • Hello my virtual motivator! When my hubby told me the conversion to milage I did think the same as you 15 would have been good. If you had seen my last k though - a sort of half run/ half hobble and that was each leg doing one or the other !! You would have realised I needed to be put out to grass!! I suppose never say never but very happy at the mo!. Have you done your 25k yet? Hope to hear you post soon :)

  • No, 21.1k remains my max(so far) so I bow before your magnificence! (I mean it!).

  • Your reaction is much the same as mine when I achieved 10miles, but you went half as far again as me! Well done. The prospect of pushing further and then being a physical wreck for days (if not weeks) afterwards was (and is not) appealing. I have settled on 10k as a distance that I can enjoy running for the duration of the run, whereas the longer runs almost inevitably become a struggle at some point and while that may be character and body building I want to enjoy my running and can not relate to the Juicy Ju school of thought relating to punishing my body. I am probably too old and too much of a wimp!

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • That is the sensible approach to listening to your body, enjoying your every run knowing that you are capable of more but choose not to for the right reasons. That is not old nor wimpy! wise in fact! I got to 40 mins into my run and my breathing was relaxed enough to feel that i could do it. I was aware that my hip was hurting at 16k and a stretch was needed at that point so I took it slow and steady. A realisation like you was: I have no need now to keep on pushing and 5ks 10ks and 15ks will be enjoyed a lot more without the continually trying to go further. The crunch is Sunday and I wish all the best - if you can, send a pic and a post and let us all know how you got on. Hope the C5k shirt brings you luck! :)

  • I think I fall in the too old/too much of a wimp category too. Awesome achievement!! :-)

  • Hi and thank you and as I said above wise very wise. Thankfully I am not injured or too achey but aware I need a rest, I won't tell you how many miles I have clocked up this week!! On holiday next weekend and dislike running on treadmills so may give it rest... just see how it goes. Hope your running is going well and keeping it fun! :)

  • Keeping it fun is a must, enjoy your rest Carole, you certainly deserve it. :-)

  • Wow, what a wonderfully inspirational post. You rock!

  • Thank you Thomas- very kind!! Congratulations on your graduation and hope your journey takes you far and wide! Good luck :)

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