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Fantastic run today

I've graduated now for two weeks ago and am thoroughly enjoying my running. I did a bit of a consolidation week after graduation running a different route but still 30 mins.

I then tried the 5k + podcasts and found them quite challenging. The stepping stones pace changes were totally new to me. The speed one ...I thought well its only 16 mins perhaps i could carry on for an extra bit after, but when I finished it my legs were just worn out. The final stamina one I enjoyed the most. I altered my route again slightly asnd it was a nice flat route. I found the extra mins and increasing pace really good and enjoyed completing it.

I'm thinking about doing the stamina one all next week but perhaps increasing the time a bit and seeing if I can increase my distance a bit more.

I'd be interested in finding out how other recent graduates are progressing..

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Hi it sounds like you are doing well with the 5k+ podcasts. I floundered around a bit after graduating and didn't quite know what to do, there is so much choice! But now, I do a 5k from home straight out the door once a week and do one of the podcasts or some hills, then I drive off and do a longer run once a week at a riverside park fairly nearby, and Parkrun on Saturday. Its good to have a bit of variety, I find. Good luck with your running x


I am working on going to 10k so it's back to intervals for me using Pink 10k off Google Stores. There's also Samantha Murphy ones I hear.


I was floundering quite a bit after graduation. I tried the Stepping Stones and ended up with an (albeit minor) injury. I then tried Stamina and couldn't work with that either. I had a few days off running as I was losing a bit of confidence but went out this morning with the Samantha Murphy B210K (using only half of it as I am still working to 5K at the moment). It was like a breath of fresh air and I had a wonderful time out there. The music was great and I was able to get into my usual stride without someone trying to make me run to a beat. I really enjoyed myself, I felt I wanted to dance. I think Sam Murphy is the way forward for me at the moment. Good luck with your post graduate running and best wishes.


thanks for responses..i think i'll have a look at the sam murphy stuff it looks really good


Hiya I graduated about a month ago but wasn't up to 5k just the 30 mins. I've pushed myself to get to 5k now though and have now run 5k 5 times!! I have tried all the Stepping Stones and they are OKish. I found the stamina one the hardest. I'm now trying a routine of two 30 mins runs and one longer one every week as I like to run first thing in the morning and was having to get up increasingly early to squeeze a full 5k in before work what with warm up and cool downs and all that stretching too! I have got a bit of a painful left hip flexor at the moment and wondering if I should rest it for a few days as I'm due to do the race for life at the beginning of June and determined to run all the way!


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