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Week 4 Run 1

After a long day at work and then a dash around the supermarket for the weekly shop I was considering going straight home and putting my feet up but I gave myself a good talking to and made my way to they gym.

I hadn't found the runs up until now too hard going (I used to head to the gym regularly with my best friend who acted like my personal trainer) but was feeling a bit daunted when I heard about the short walking intervals between the longer runs.

I took it a lot slower than I had done last week but I did it and felt really good (pretty shattered too) at the end of it and even fitted in a nice gently swim before heading home. Looking forward to running again on Sunday and seeing if I can push myself to go even a little bit faster!!

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Well done on your first run of week 4. It does start to get a bit tougher now with the longer runs and shorter walks so you might want to reconsider trying to go faster at this stage. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


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