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Week 4 Run 1, nightmare.

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Hi everyone.

I’m back after a long hiatus and many false starts

I’ve tried c25k about 3 times in the past, the furthest I got was week 7 about two years ago when injury put me out. The other couple of times life and everything just got in the way.

So I restarted again about 3 weeks or so ago and I’ve been really enjoying getting out there again. Weeks one and two were really easy but the three minute runs in week 3 were a little tough.

Today however was awful. Really bad. I did some weight training yesterday so I was a bit achey and I hadn’t had any breakfast (that’s not unusual though). I couldn’t even make it through the three minute runs let alone the five minutes. My legs were fine and my breathing was ok (not great but not too awful) but my heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest! I had my tracker on and my heart rate wasn’t any higher than it always is when running and I wasn’t going any faster than normal but today it just felt awful. So now I can’t decide whether to just write off today and attempt this run again on Wednesday or whether I need to go back to week 3?

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Just attempt it again on Wed.👍👏👏

Sounds like tiredness, hydration , nuitrition( you hydrate from your food also) sleep , hopefully no stress / tension, maybe over excretion from your strength training.🤔🤔

Interesting latest thinking on strength, no need to push huge weights, a balance🤔, lighter weights with 5-10 more reps. All movement gives the same benefits and contribution to maintaining your strength.

Slow and steady is the only method also , when you run on Wed., but you already know that.🌟👏👏

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JennyH10Graduate in reply to Tbae

I totally agree, I was doing light weights with more reps yesterday but I do think it took more out of me than I expected as it has been a while since I last did any, I’m really stiff and sore now, walking up the stairs just killed me 😂

Think I’ll give week 4 run 1 another shot on Wednesday and have a proper rest tomorrow

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Tbae in reply to JennyH10

Way to go Jenny🌟👏👏

No fear just enjoy.🌟👏

Warm up exercises so important Jenny and stretching afterwards ,every time and all exercise, to eliminate, minimise stiffness and have a good recovery.

Id say you just had a really bad day and you did week 3 fine. Put it down as a practice and repeat it next time. No need to reverse, unless of course you want to :)

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JennyH10Graduate in reply to helenwheels

Thanks Helen! Yeah I really don’t want to go backwards as I still fully completed week three so I think I will just try again on Wednesday 😊

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Dodgy practice, try again on Wednesday 👍

Just a thought for you.🤔

If convenient consider bringing your strength stuff onto the same day as your run day.🤔

That way you utilise your repair day for both and do some gentler cardio, obviously non impact , on your repair day or truly as a rest day.🤔🏃‍♀️🌟👏👏

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JennyH10Graduate in reply to Tbae

Not a bad idea actually Tbae, I could do a bit of yoga and walking on my rest days instead 👍

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Going from week 3 to 4 is actually the biggest step up in terms of total running time in the whole programme (from 9 mins to 16 mins). So it's not surprising you had a bit of a hiccup if you weren't well prepared. Just take it slow and steady on Wednesday and I bet it will be fine.

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JennyH10Graduate in reply to vincent30

Didn’t think of it like that actually, thanks Vincent! Onwards and upwards 💪🏃🏻‍♀️

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