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Am I cheating?

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So my ‘running’ partner let me down today & what with life taking over I didn’t think id be able to fit it in. Then I decided to give it a go in my living room.

I didn’t run on the spot (I have a long living room) but did it all pacing the room.

Is it cheating? I’m repeating w1 as last week I couldn’t do all of the ‘run’ sections but I’ve done all of them today.....this is what makes me think I’ve cheated?!

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It is not cheating but is not going to be the same as running outdoors or on a treadmill......... you are not the first and I am sure others will follow you to graduation.

I’m currently repeating W1 so next week I may hit the street - with or without my running pal!

Sounds like creative problem solving to me 😊 although as your runs get longer it may get trickier - you may have to build an extension 😁

Ha! If only.....

Creative problem solving - love it! Thank you 👍🏻

It’s exactly how I started months ago. Week one all done in the house. It gave me confidence to do it outside. I do two 40-50min runs a week now. Go you 👍🏻👍🏻🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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Katiek1981 in reply to Pippatong

Thank you - one of these days (hopefully next week!!) I hope to go outside with or without my running buddie!

What's important is that you did it. Not how or where.

You'll have less benefit than going out though, some of the muscles you need to develop for longer runs only come into play when you move freely.

But see how quickly we move from 'can't do all the runs' to 'I did all the runs'. Great progress! 👏👏👏👏👏

I couldn’t believe I managed all the ‘runs’ - it’s quite surprising!

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I'm on my 2nd attempt at this c25k lark. Reached week 8 previously than hurt myself took a few days off and started again. I've just done w2r2 and I've taken every step around my own back garden it's quite long so I have a good 'lap' it's probably not ideal but I haven't yet found the confidence to hit the street but at least i am getting out there. Instead of waiting till I do find the confidence and doing nothing in the meantime

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