Couch to 5K

Week 9, Run 1 - Las Vegas

Just completed my first ever 30 minute run in fabulous Las Vegas. Also my first treadmill run (concrete pavements,,pedestrians and construction makes it a challenge outside). I did miss the cooling breeze and did find it a little boring - on the plus side I got to watch the news while running!

Feels great to have finally met the 30 minute goal - 2 more to graduation! I had 3 rest days due to jetlag and "Vegas distractions" but actually found I felt guilty about not running - something I never thought I would do!! So - up at 6am and I have done it! I can run 30 minutes ... :)

I haven't felt this fit ever before - I love this program. Good luck to all of you.. Stick to it!

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As an FYI there are lots of people running the strip early in the morning (6am) but you do need to watch for cars and there are LOTS of road crossings and uneven pavement (solid concrete). I didn't want to risk it myself but it is certainly an option...


I can't imagine running the strip at any time of day, in particular the parts of the strip where they'd prefer you use the elevators and overpasses as opposed to crossing the street directly. And in the heat!!! (At least from my Canadian perspective) Good luck with the rest of week 9!


The gym was very well equipped (even in Treasure Island) and given the daily "resort fee" gives you free access you may as well...

It will also be very hot later in the year... :)

Love it here - enjoy your trip!


Well done on your first run of week 9. What a place to achieve it. Don't blame you for using the treadmill though - whatever works best in the situation. Good luck with the rest of your runs and look forward to seeing your graduation post. All the very best.


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