Week 5 Run 3 Done

Did it, had to slow down 3 times to recover a bit but kept going. At nearly 49 and 16 stone it is really hard work. Tom and Jerry moment about 15minutes into run, little angel on one shoulder encouraging me, little devil on my other shoulder saying stuff it walk. Calves absolutely stiff and legs worn out on warm down walk, that said I feel like I have recovered quicker after this evening's run. Week 6 here I come.

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  • Go you. Keep hydrated as it's getting hot out there. Well dependent on where you are that is. You are nearly at the end. Good luck.

  • That's brilliant! Those voices that tell you to walk are little b@ggers, aren't they?! Mine usually start whingeing after thirty seconds of running! The thing that keeps me going is the thought of how I'll feel when I've done it. Watch out for W6R1... there's absolutely no reason on paper why it should be so hard, but it nearly floored me, and I'm not the only one, so take it easy and good luck! :)

  • Well done. 20 minutes running is fantastic. That weight will drop off as the minutes rise.

    And bear in mind what Treemouse has said. Week 6 is a doozy. Take it easy and dont be taken in with intervals.

    Good luck.

  • Well done on finishing week 5 - I bet you feel great now and so you should - you earned it. I'm going to echo Treemouse here - please treat week 6 with respect. Going back to intervals after a straight run seems like an easy option - it isn't, and many people have been caught out by it. It's possibly the toughest week on the programme. Keep things very slow and steady, keep calm and you will be okay. Good luck with the next run and best wishes.

  • Well done, Jol. You well on in the plan now and doing brilliantly. It is important not to try to rush - take it noce and steady sonyou don't tire yourself out. Do make sure you stretch after your cool down walk as it really helps to prevent muscle tightness, I found.

    I still my inner saboteur at work, prattling away but I manage to shut that b*itch down pretty quickly these days :D

    I also echo that week 6 run 1 is tough, I mean really tough. You think it will be easy after doing a 20 min run (i did) but its a leveller.

    Get a good night's sleep, fuel up, make sure you are well hydrated and ready for the challenge. You can do it, of course.

    Keep up the good work. Keep posting xxx

  • Well done. , that's a tough one & came as a shock to a lot of us on here . Bet your buzzing , I was . Good to get that one out the way it's onwards & upwards now .

  • great to read this im just about to start week 5 tomorrow so on Sunday I will be doing run 3 apprehensive but also excited

  • Fantastic, well done you! Most impressed with you managing to slow down and recover and keep going. I have struggled with my weight most of my life and know it takes real courage and perseverance to "get going".

  • Hi Jol. fantastic effort , Go you ! :-) I will be doing Week 5 Run 3 on Thursday, I am raring to go but also very mindful that I will be running 20 minutes non stop for the first time in my life. It is doable, as you and others have proved, but I am just feeling a bit apprehensive in all honesty. I just watched an advert on the telly for a sports drink where it says " When you get that voice in your head telling you to stop, you tell it where to go " So I am going to have that as my mantra on Thursday :-) Well done and all the best for Week 6 xx

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