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Oh dear, week 5 is here!

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Hello everyone, I'm age 59 and just finished week 4, so I looked ahead - 20 minutes - are you kidding?

Doesn't sound possible yet. But my little dog thinks it's great, as soon as I break into a jog she starts running in mad circles.

Really enjoying reading all the comments and encouragement though, what a nice group.

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You really can do it! We all had a wobble when we saw that run - but have faith in the program.....it really works!

Good luck and enjoy!

Hi Beverley, think positive and you will smash it, you can do it.

Remember to take it slow and steady, you are doing brill, keep us updated on your progress. All the best for week 5 xx

Most of us felt the same. I thought it was a mistake when I first saw it! But the programme has prepared you for this and you are ready so take it very slowly and just relish in the epic feeling you'll have when you've done it.

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Like the other comments I would say just plod along keep a steady rhythm and go slowly - you will do it and feel great! I was amazed when I did 20 minutes...now aiming for 30. Keep up the good work. This community is great at supporting one another, it has really helped me.

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At 59, you are just a mere slip of a girl!! :) You can do it!! :)

Well done Beverley, :)

Week 4 done and dusted.

You have probably already seen on here others thinking the same about week 5.... by the time you are due to do that 20 mins you will find you can.. :) I know its hard to believe. This is a good week. Start your runs nice and slowly, stand tall.

Don't worry it will just happen. :)

p.s don't feel pressured though if you feel you would like to do a few more week 4 runs first.. Thats what i did. But then i didnt discover this forum til i was on Week 8. x

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I'm 59--it is a great age to start the program. :)

It has changed my life for the better. I'm getting fitter and fitter and doing more and more activities.

Good luck with your running---hope you enjoy it

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Welcome aboard Beverley and pooch !

Yep , theres loads of us Golden Girls ( and Guys ) that have taken up this challenge , lots of our little four legged friends too !

If it helps, break the time down into smaller chunks in your head , it doesnt seem so daunting then .

You will be fine, just keep doing what youve been doing so far. Slow and steady , is the way forward .

Good Luck, you can do it ! :-) xxx

Hi, very well done for your first four weeks, you're doing brilliantly and you will also do just brilliantly in week 5. It is a huge shocker when you see what's coming up, many of us have thought the 20 minutes was a blip on the app, some kind of mistake for sure, but you will do it, somehow you're just ready and it happens :) you'll feel truly amazing when you've cracked it! Good luck x

Well done for getting this far, you've put in the hard work and you are prepared, just go for it you can do it! 😊

They wouldn't put it in there if they didn't think we were ready - that and going reallllly sloooooww is what got me thru! I'm convinced it's more a psychological obstacle than even a physical one. Find your zen place (and pace!) and don't look at the time, just go! You'll be there before you can believe it - I just finished it myself a couple hours ago and I'm still alive to tell about it so I know it's totally possible!! See you on the other side!

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Thanks everybody, it's really encouraging. Will let you know how we do1

You are going to love it when you smash those 20 min. Feels like such an achievement. Break it down in your head: it is 10 min then 5 and 5.

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I'm 65 and graduated in November. I was worried about week 5 but in fact it isn't that bad. If you have done the first 4 weeks then week 5 is fine. Don't worry about it - just listen to Laura and go!

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I graduated at 57. w5r3 is a milestone. But take that leap of faith. It is possible, you will be ready, and you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face for a week. Keep posting and let us know how you do.

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