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Week 2 run 2 No pain no gain?

Hi again, I got a knee support yesterday and completed run 2 last night. Although I wasn't in as much pain I still hurt a lot towards the end. I am hoping this is because of a. muscles that have never been use not ever, and b. incorrect footwear which I am looking forward to getting in the next 2 weeks.

I hope that the pain will wear off and one day I will be able to complete the runs without being in pain and be able to walk the next day without moaning and groaning (today I'm hobbling about).

Although I am completing the runs I'm doubtful of moving on to week 3 until the pain subsides..

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You have the rest days to allow your body to restore itself and you should be ready to go again the following day. These early runs are only very short so shouldn't put undue strain on you. Don't run too fast!!! You are meant to be going slowly, as Laura says "just a light jog" If you are new to exercise you can expect to feel it, but as you complete yet another run you should start to feel better


Thank you, I did find that I was jogging much "lighter" than I previously did, and unfortunately I haven't done any exercise for many years. I was very much a "I get enough exercise running after the kids" person although now I see that wasn't strictly "exercise".


If you have been in pain all the way along then I think it might be worth your while getting your doctor to take a look just to be on the safe side. Whilst you might reasonably expect some soreness in the early stages, if it hasn't worn off and settled down by now, and you have actual pain, then this doesn't sound normal to me. Shoes may be a problem, and the correct shoes may well sort the problem out. I may sound very over cautious here but I err on the side of playing safe. Good luck and best wishes.


Hi Fitmo thank you for your reply. I kind of ache a lot after and whilst doing the warm up walk, and get pain towards the end of the session. I will certainly get checked out if it continues, however I am sure it is because I am so unfit and haven't exercised for a long long time.


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