What a brilliant feeling!!!

My long run day and had spent the whole day preparing. Detoxing, hydrating - reading all your blogs!! Could not put it off any longer so donned the kit and off I set. My last long run I made 11 miles and couldn't have gone further. I run a canal route so my goals are always to get to next bridge. I set off with week 9 as usual, I like to have Laura for company first! and after half an hour switch to my own music, a stickler for habit!

The smell of bbq's wafted through the air, the wildlife was busy and a nesting swan that I have passed for weeks proudly paraded her cygnets- just lovely! Passed a few friendly people too.

Anyway just wanted to say I made it to the next bridge and head back home . My hubby was waiting at the final bridge for me and I was so glad because I literally fell into him! Just over 2 1/4 hrs and 20 k achieved. Never, Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could do this ! Family amazed and proud that I think I have now convinced a few to start the this programme. So happy! Didn't sleep though- too hyper ! Thank you everybody for just being you! Amazing people!

P.S Nearly posted the garmin recording - done that before as proof but know now the only person I would be cheating, if this was not true would be myself. Happy Running everyone :)

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  • Brilliant!!! I'm just managing the 5K at the moment in 39 min. Looking to increase the distance and work on my speed. I admire you being able to go so far and a brilliant time too! I think I want to run a half marathon! You have been added to my list of people on here to look up to!!! But I'm 2.5 mins of my PB from years ago and 2.5 stone heavier! I got up to 8 miles but I fund out had a knee injury from a motorbike accident 10 yrs before. I couldn't walk up or down the stairs! I know the issue now so hope I can do it right without pain!

    S X

  • Thank you and you are doing fantastic and great for getting back out there., very admirable after your injury. I incrementally increased my distance/time every week by setting the goals. Speed was never part of it, just taking it slow and breathing at a level your comfortable enough with. I have no hills or traffic which makes it easier too. The 5k+podcasts really do help though in between the long runs. A half marathon will be a good goal. Good luck with your training and let us know how you get on x

  • Yes, we believe you! I did 5k yesterday in my fastest time (31 mins, 10) in my first race, and thinking maybe working towards a 10k next...whenever that might be. Didn't appreciate before I started running, how much determination you need, particularly to run longer distances. Don't think 20k is ever a possibility though.. Do like hearing it's possible though from people who started on this programme! Happy running is right!

  • Thank you and what a fantastic time, great news! My first 5k parkrun was around that time too. You will be up to 10k in no time at all and it is possible- if I did it! Trust me... Well done on your first race. I use the speed podcast to do 5ks now and then just carry on the rest of the race with the 155 bpm in my head. It not tough if you have practiced enough before just always listen to your bod. Good luck x

  • All I can say is wow!, well done.

  • Thank you, It did start to get tough on the hips but changed my strides and foot position for a little while which worked. I could not have done any more though. Hope you are okay and enjoying what you are doing x

  • Wow - what a fantastic performance. You have come an amazingly long way literally in a short amount of time. What a feeling to know that you can run 20k and your body and mind don't let you down. An inspirational journey.

  • Thank you so much. It is finally sinking in that `I can run long distances and strangely enough it gets easier at the 40 minute mark. I cannot say what it would be like on a hilly route though. The familiar terrain of a towpath makes it so much easier. The mind is trick player and a couple of times last night I could have stopped but the music changed, I played about with cadence and foot placement and worked for me . Good luck with your journey as equally inspirational

  • That is fabulous, I hope one day I'll get to those distances! Well done :-)

  • Of course you will! The location helps but also time to be selfish and allowing that time is hard too. All I can say is if it feels right then go for it. Remember when we said at week 5 '"it's only 4 sets of 5 mins" well its 4 sets of 5k!! I read here about Rob and his Westie and he gave fantastic advice that made me truly believe I could do it too. So can you! Good luck :)

  • You must be so chuffed, and thank you for sharing that with us. That gives me hope :)

  • Really chuffed!! Thank you and reading other stories on here gave me the advice and hope too. Good luck with the programme and well done for starting it and remember we are here for you too :)

  • Wow. That's impressive what you've been able to achieve in a short period of time. My best run has been today 5k in 39 mins. I would love to get that down to 30mins. I have too many hills whichever direction I run and I still struggle with them and hate them. I would love it if my routes were flatter. I could cope with that far better and maybe in time get faster.

    Thanks for your inspirational post.

  • Thanks Doodle! I admire you for tackling those hills. I am very lucky this route is on my doorstep and 20 miles of it to discover!! Just think how strong and fit you will be doing your runs routinely.. will prepare you so well that a flat long run will be a breeze!! x

  • That's great Carole, well done, a fantastic distance and time! Glad everything is going well for you. You better have a rest now! x

  • Thank you, To be honest - I am wacked!! Not physically but mentally and I could sleep standing up! Eating lots today to make up for the calorie loss and will have an early night. Hope you are okay and running well x

  • Carole, you little beauty! Well done that's a TREMENDOUS achievement! Congratulations. You're tired? I'm knackered just reading your post - 20K???? Bloomin' heck!!!

  • Thank you so much and last night was the first time I have ever turned down a glass of pinot!! Had a glass of milk instead!! Very sad but true! Keep bloggin, love em! :)

  • that is fantasic...well done...I know how hard it is, you must be feeling amazing...huge high five from me!!!

  • Thank you - It was hard and cathartic too - keep us posted JJ, your panther antics are incredible!! A big, respectful high five coming back at you x

  • Wow...and double wow ,you are amazing ! I just nipped over and read your updated profile......if that doesn't inspire people then what can ?? Well done ....those words don't really seem adequate ...but truly...Well Done :)

  • Thank you Carole! How are you doing? It is my speed run today so just a light one thankfully! It doesn't seem quite so real when you are not battling traffic etc but I guess I wouldn't have gone so far with those disturbances. Not sure if I will make the next bridge further later this week... may be better to consolidate for a few runs now:) so happy though and thank you for your kind words. Hope your running is going good :)

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