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Week2 Completed!

Completed Week2 run 3 today, pleased as anything and starting to feel the benefits myself, and others are noticing as well. Obviously I feel much better, even after such a short time, that's nice. I do feel more positive and less stressed or anxious. One of my biggest motivators to do this, is to use exercise to combat stress.

I feel very very positive about the program, even though it's been hard on occasions and I'm only at week2. I'm starting to have confidence in the program in trusting the increments to get me to 5K. I think confining my self to worrying about the next run (week3R1) is the best approach :) 5K seems huge from here!

I hope you're all starting to see the same benefits, my lovely wife is going to start the program tomorrow! Even the kids are interested!

Well done NHS choices.

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hi NIck, nice to read your post! I´m starting W2, W2R1 today, and I also feel better, and I sleep better at nights, this is one of my main motivations to do the program, I don´t want to hear about sleep pills, and running seems to be a good choice. Best wishes and good luck.


I did W3R1 this am, after a week off for dodgy knee, loads help on here got me over that and I really felt positive this am, cant wait for R2 on Tuesday. Good luck on your journey. By way W3R1 really wasnt bad at all so go rock it !


Nice positive post and you've recruited the family as well - well done. You are not 'only' at week 2 - in fact you are now at week 3 and I wish you all the very best with it. I like the way you are so in tune with the benefits of the programme - as the weeks go by you will notice even further benefits. Good luck with week 3, good luck to your wife with week 1 and my best wishes to you and your family.


I completed week 2 at 10 o'clock today and found I had lots of energy the rest of the day. Usually I'm doing my runs after work. sometimes I have to force myself but find I feel less stressed afterwards


Great to hear. Well done. I'm hoping to complete my second week later today :)


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