Guys currently doing 6k in between 34-36 mins. Have a 10 k run the week after, want to finish it in less than an hour. Possible??

Just recovered from ITB pain. This by far is my PB (avg pace of 5:43) and have 3 more days when I can run before the race. Trying for 2 runs @ 10-10.5kmph X 7 kms this week and an 8-9k run next week again at hopefully 10-10.5 kmph. Really want to finish this race under 1 hour. All you experienced people on this forum reckon it's possible??

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  • Have you run 10k yet?

  • Oh, I have been running since some time. Competitively since past 4 months. Have done 10k's for trainings and also ran a half marathon a couple of months back which I finished in 2 hours 30. Which is not a great time I know. But was my first half marathon. Have started picking up pace since a month and that along with a worn out shoe which I overlooked caused / still is causing a bit of trouble with my ITB. But with a bit of help from physios, picking up pace and doing a pb of 6k last whole week. Cutting off time from 39 minutes to now 34 minutes. .

  • I am no expert and am currently training for my first 10k race, in a couple of weeks time, but I do know that I can cover the distance, on similar terrain in under an hour. Apart from hills, I find that my pace for each kilometre is fairly even throughout the distance, so I would think that with your experience of longer runs, your cardio vascular system is probably in a reasonable state, so you might be able to get there if you can achieve your 5k in under 30minutes. So I would suggest not pushing the pace too much on longer runs, just build up your endurance again and do intervals of fast/ steady pace on 5k runs. I was doing 2 minutes fast/ 2 minutes steady earlier this week and you can feel the recovery time improving over the run, even though you are getting more tired.

    Good luck.

  • Oh, 5k comes in around 27-28 minutes.... yes I do agree the current speed is more than enough to go the distance, take into account the adrenaline rush on the race day I think or feel 10k in 55 mind is possible.. so will be keeping the pace same and put on more kms. Just have time for 3 more runs like I said. If on my last run I can cover 8 kms in 48 minutes or less I should be comfortable. A lot depends on the race day too. It's like a precise art. Also the temperatures here are soaring to 30 degrees Celsius at 8am... and keeping my fingers crossed for no ITB pain. do a bit of carbo loading 3-4 days before the run. It will help you a lot..

  • Yep 10k under 60 mins is possible - ran it in 46mins at weekend with 5k at 24mins so adjusting for your 5k time I'd say you should be capable of getting under the hour. That temperature sounds challenging though - plenty of fluids.

  • On a happy note.. have a few real ale beers and nuts the night before the big 10k and topped up plenty of fluids prior to the run, you'll be surprised at your energy levels. Just keep those salt, mineral and isotonic levels up during the extreme warm atmosphere. All the very best to you on the day!

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