When you come across to idiots ...

I cannot believe it ....

I was telling a colleague how proud and happy I was to having completed my 3rd run of week 9 and how excited I was to carry on my training for the 10 km race in january when he said : "everybody can run 10 km "! Idiot ! 😒😒😒


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  • Maybe you should challenge him to a 10K race once you've completed your training and see who comes out on top!! I have a feeling I know who it'll be......

  • πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Especially a day or two after ;) who will be happy and proud, and who will be barely walking ;)

  • One word, 4 letters beginning and ending with a T.

    Well done you for going onto the next step.

  • 😊😊😊

  • Ahhh. I understand. "Everyone can trot 10km" :-)

  • Umm I cant walk 10km!

  • Have you tried? :D

  • Well no lol, but before doing C25k, I was exhausted walking round the park which is about 2.5k. I am still worried about the Race for Life 5k in about 4 weeks.

    Swim 10k?- eager to try that though (thinking about Thames marathon which is 14k next year).

    My friend in Wales would suggest we go for a "pootle" and say it was a short walk. I got to the point of not asking how far but whether she could swim it. This worked OK but now she swims with me (when we meet up - she lives in Wales) and her swim distance is increasing but that's also OK because since C25k my walking distance has also increased. We have both benefited :)

  • Before you did C25K is a long way away now in fitness terms. You've nearly finished the programme now, so believe in yourself because you've come a long way since W1R1! Don't worry about the Race for Life ... suck it and see, so to speak. If you don't try, you'll never know :) 5 k is two pootles around the park - for today's nikkiwabit, not the pre-C25K one. Sign up for that Thames marathon, girl.

  • Oh I am doing the Race for Life, had the photoshoot wearing the team T-shirts!

    Based on the last run which was the first time I (accidentally) did a hill and didnt manage to run to the top but turned round & ran down again, I think I will run it except for the hill, which of course I will have to walk still.

    My friends think swimming down the Thames for 6+ hours is madness!

  • Your run is in four weeks. That gives you four weeks to tame the b*gger. And I'm not referring to the hill, I'm talking about the gremlin that's telling you you can't. You got from zero running to the end of week eight of C25K, and look how far you've got.. Imagine what you can do with another four weeks of staring that gremlin down!

    I don't look up the hill when I get one on a run, I look at the ground, then I can convince myself that I'm running on the flat :D Sometimes you don't lose any speed if you walk the really tough ones, and you have the added advantage of recovery whilst other people are running yet not going any faster than you :)

    As for madness... life's too short to regret not having tried. Embrace your craziness.

  • When I look at the ground, that is when I get back pain. I have plans for the route for the last 4 runs (wow only 4) and I think I will be able to run them except perhaps one in 4 weeks time.

    I may well do the Thames Marathon but swim race ambitions are (1) don't drown, (2) enjoy it (3) finish the distance (4) get a good time - you may note number one is quite important! One cant just stop mid swim :)

  • I have a rubber ring in the shape of a stork, maybe I should send it to you. It's child sized, though, I can only get it up to my knees :D

  • lol. Actually the wet suit keeps you quite buoyant but for the Thames marathon tow floats are compulsory - eek!

  • I was thinking of one that begins with a and ends with e.

  • No, that word doesn't begin with a T

  • I'd like to think they aren't a runner then. I've found us a supportive bunch from the gazelles to the shufflers!

    Challenge them to a charity 10k to make them think a bit more!!

  • There's always one, isn't there? Best to ignore idiots as others have said he's a waste of space that just wanted to spoil your moment. Don't let him! You have done amazingly well. :)

  • 😊

  • Can he?

    Probably not, or he would know what is involved.

  • Probably gets 181 at darts or 148 breaks in snooker! Those sort of folks are not like us type of folks! Great achievement, well done and welcome to the Graduate class of August 2017!

  • Thanks ! 😊

  • ...Speechless....😑

  • Oooo, now wheres my picture of that door handle that I keep for occasions just like this....is it a door handle or a k**b??

  • ...so funny!!!!

  • Love the that one...or d**k, s**t for brains, the list goes on!!!

  • Well done for not belting him....

  • Idiot indeed! Makes me appreciate my colleagues much more - one came to do a 5k race with me and patiently ran at my much slower pace, and another who is an open water swimmer who regularly swims 6k in training, but keeps telling me she could never run that far 😊

    Everyone here thinks you are doing great.

  • Plonker alert, challenge him to the ferocious Week 1 Run 1 and watch him crumble....

  • Bet he can't!

  • Wish I had a) met him and b) known that, when I was training for the first one I did!!

  • I really hate smug people! I have a 'friend' who laughed at me when I said that I had started the couch to 5k as I could only run for a minute at a time. I'm now at the end of week 4 but I won't be sharing my joy with her as she thinks 5k is just an 'easy trot '! Annoying woman! Lets ignore these people! When you run your 10k you will feel great! Not everyone can run it, I certainly can't. Good luck :-)

  • 😊😊😊

  • unbelievable! Sorry cant say more, too many expletives. But bet he can't do half of what you can.

  • 😊

  • I'm in a grumpy mood this am so my instinct would be to respond to Speedy Gonmoron with " I'm talking about my legs, you must be talking about your mouth?"

    Seriously though - you ARE a Runner, that's all that matters and well done you :)

  • A tad jealous, perhaps?!

    No-one ever became big by trying to make other people smaller.

    Maybe he has inadvertently made a point - we are always saying on here that anyone can learn to run, at least in theory - but he forgot about the months of training, dedication and gremlin-battling. There is a world between saying and doing.

    Don't let this silly man rain on your parade and rest assured that most people would be keen to share in celebrating your achievement :)

  • He probably went home, grabbed a beer, balanced the tube of Pringles on his gut and told his wife all about it. Let him get on with it. In a year's time, we'll see which of you two is running and which is sitting on his bum being a judgmental git.

  • Oh dear. Oh, dear, dear....

    OK, offer him a doughnut and a beer if he finishes 10K in his own time. Hang on, no, offer him TWO doughnuts!

    Can I come and watch? :) Can we ALL come and watch? I'm currently trying Bridge to 10K so would like to learn from the best ;)

  • I want to watch him try and walk the morning after :)

  • 😊

  • Words fail me. Well done to you on completion. Good luck for the 10k.

  • Ok just ignore him! You know it is not true!! There is always one!! Congratulations on finishing. Well done πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Well done on completing the programme. Ignore the idiot, let's face it most of us would never believe how hard it is to run for just a couple of minutes when we start so imagine how much more incredible that would seem to a self obsessed arrogant narcissist. Tell him we'll donate to charity for every east peasey km he manages to breeze through while circumnavigating the globe at a gentle sprint.

  • Thanks to all your posts guys! You made me feel so much better and even more proud of my achievement! :-)

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