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W6R2 done!

I'm starting to think that I may have found certain elements to trick my own mind after today's run. I wasn't feeling exceptionally my best this morning, I was feeling tired, but I did get out there and run this thing. After getting some good advice, I slowed my walking down a bit which meant my legs didn't feel like they were already burning prior to the runs. And yes, I was a bit apprehensive about running for 10 minutes straight even though I ran for 20 in Week 5.

One of the things I noticed though was that as long as my mid was occupied with something else, listening to the lyrics in the music, thinking about random things, etc I was able to run a wee bit easier. Not sure if that makes me crazy or not, but it helped. That and realizing that I could slow down my speed if I started feeling tired and not push myself too hard. I'd rather complete the run at a very slow jog than wind up not completing it. It may have also helped that I am running the same place every time (a lovely park here in California).

My actual first 5K race isn't until November, but I'm already feeling excited by it. I never would have thought in a million years I would be saying that about running.

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well done for getting out there, i know the feeling of not wanting too, but i also know the wonderful feeling i get when i have run and i know which i prefer. Have a brill day you can chill now the hard work is done!!! lol.


Thank you :) Tomorrow my main plan is to play video games and do little else for a lovely Sunday. (while I start thinking about my final run of Week 6 lol)


cool love to play sometimes, usually in the winter when i cant get out into my garden which i love. Enjoy.


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