Feel sorry for me!!

Sob!! I did a Parkrun today away from my home run. At my home run, I always come first in my age division -- 65-69. Not because I am a good runner - but because I am the only one in that Division. Today, I got my results in an email - saying that I have come third in my age division .. Third?? Impossible. - must be some mistake. But when I went to the results page, I found that there were 5 runners in that age group today -- and the leader did the 5k's in 22 MINUTES!!!!!!!!! I going to take up crocquet!! :(


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  • That made me chuckle. I'm just off to a Parkrun myself and I usually come 3rd or 4th in my age category but there are only 5 of us. I find myself trying to work out who they are when we are at the start line. I'm sure crocquet won't be nearly as satisfying :)

  • 22minutes? 22minutes? Who is this person and are they drinking rocket fuel for breakfast?

  • I think s/he must have taken the bus :)

  • They are obviously lying about their age. Why don't you re-register with a pseudonym Bazza and do likewise. There can't be much competition in the 75-80 group surely?

  • Oh don't sweat em Baz! You aint never gonna be a 22 minute 5ker are you so why worry?

    I know you're a realist, and if you improve on your own times, then that's what matters to you. Even if you don't improve much on your own times, you're still out there running and that's what we signed up for, to improve our health. Think about how your health has improved rather than how fast Speedy Gonzelez is going.

  • I did break my PB today by 1 minute!! -- but I can't figure out what to do with the minute that I saved .. Any suggestions??

  • I reckon it's a con!!! What's to say that some young'un doesn't signup to Parkrun as a 69 year old??? :)

    Anyway - as I have said before, unless you can beat the current World record for the 5Ks of about 12 minutes, you're always gunna be a "runner-up" !! :) So- what's the hurry!!!! Actually somebody today did 16 minutes .

  • Think you did fantastically beating 2 home.....hee hee.! But really it is the taking part and the journey you have come to improve your health / lifestyle or whatever reason you took on the challenge. I never look at what other people achieve but I look back at what I have achieved and feel very proud. Well done on your parkruns I haven't done one yet I am waiting until I a, on week 7 ( week 5 just finished).

  • I did do some Orienteering last Century -- it was fun and they still do it here -- might look into it

  • Hmmm -- it looks very competitive???

  • What fun! Were they on roller skates? My fastest so far is double that at 44 mins and I had to lie down in a darkened room to recover after that, I was so pooped! (well that might be a bit if exaggeration but you know what I mean). Off out now - too late for park run. Finally gorgeous sunny day! Happy running. I'm high before I've even started!

  • Firstly I'm not going to feel sorry for you because you've achieved a fantastic result by actually running a 5k (hope that doesn't come across as condescending). That's something I'm aiming to do and I'm 'only' 53 :) seriously, 22 minutes is a fantastic result in that age group (and many lower age groups for that matter ) and if I came behind that runner I wouldn't feel disheartened at all :)

  • You ran - that's what matters! I haven't done a park run (none near enough to get to easily) but I have a feeling I'd be last in my age group....even with just one in the class!!!!! :D :D

    Keep on keeping on - it's getting out there that counts.


  • Never mind Bazza! Perhaps they found a short cut! And you got a new PB-well done! As for what to do with that minute you saved- well just revel in the fact that you're out there doing it. x Oh by the way, I got below 35 mins at mine today- you said I could do it! x

  • What a cheat! Perhaps they found that short cut that you told us about last week!

  • You should worry - I get beaten each week by 2 "walkers" - speedwalkers, one of whom regularly breaks 30 mins for 5k, both of whom are more than a decade older than me... At least you are still on the podium!

  • Would I be really horrible to say that if you are that good the only way is down?

    I am still seething about a chap that is decades younger then me, who deliberately cheated by taking a short cut on a timed 5k run last weekend, I assume because he didn't want to be beaten by a woman in her 50s? I have to take my successes where I can and you are an inspiration to us all.

  • Bazza good to have a bit of competition but surely the achievement is that you are running x

  • Good gracious, maybe there was a mistake. Who is this 65 year old who can run 5 k in 22 minutes? Related to Mo perhaps?

    Keep at it, hope I am still going at your age.

  • don't give up when all of a sudden you get the sniff of competition....and well done for beating your PB...that person was probably a retired athlete!!!!

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