Just joined feeling desperate

Just joined feeling desperate

Hi, I'm a 55 year woman - very young at heart but increasingly feeling older and older in my body! I've been overweight for a good 15 years and have tried all the usual diets, gym membership etc. I've recently been diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, not as result of alcohol consumption but of obesity. It started with fatty liver disease and progressed to cirrhosis. I have one way of possibly preventing any more damage to my liver, and that is to lose weight. You would think that would be pretty good incentive. So did I when I was given the diagnosis almost a year ago. Yet here I am, having lost over a stone, and having put it back on again, around the same weight as the day I was given the scariest news I've ever had. What is wrong with me!? Liver failure is not a way anyone would choose to die, it's very unpleasant from what I've read. I've never smoked in my life, and have always been one of those people to react with disbelief at stories about someone who has lung cancer but carries on smoking...but I'm the same! I have a lifelong unhealthy relationship with food. I am addicted to food. I've read into the various weight loss surgeries, thinking I'd get a loan an go for that option, but the reports vary so much and there are substantial risks involved, and they don't work for everybody.

My other issue is that I now have a painful hip which doesn't encourage me to be mobile, in fact, even walking my dogs now is a painful exercise, but I have not sought help from my GP as I know they'll say that I need to lose weight!!

I am going to try and start the couch to 5k (I've done it in the past with a modicum of success) perhaps take some painkillers before settling out, and rub in some ibuprofen gel to take the edge off the pain.

Does anyone else have mobility issues that is still following the programme?

Sorry for the long post.....


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  • Wow, you have a lot on your plate. You don't look overly obese in your picture so it seems a bit rough to have cirrhosis of the liver. There is a weight loss forum here aswell where you could get a lot of support, and c25k is a great way of getting fit, although I haven't found it particularly useful for weight loss (excellent for maintaining though).

    Good luck with your journey👍

  • Thanks JC For your reply. I didn't know about the weight loss forum... will have to join that too. I paid over £50 recently for online membership to weight watchers and just didn't follow the plan, total waste of money! Although as you say, c25K won't necessarily result in weight loss, exercise was also highlighted by the consultant as important in damage limitation for my liver..

  • Hi and welcome to this fab forum

    C25k will certainly help along with adopting a healthy eating lifestyle. I too also love my food but now have a much better relationship with food, I adopted a low sugar low carb lifestyle and that together with this program has helped me lose 3 stone 😀

    I now can't believe I was such a couch potato. I still have more weight to lose but honestly it can be done if you put in the work and change your eating and lifestyle.

    Good luck and we are all here to support you along the way 👍

  • Hi Slinky thanks for the welcome! 3 stone loss is amazing, well done to you, I'm sure I would feel so different if I could shed that much...ideally I could do with losing 4....re Low sugar - I'm trying hard to do likewise atm, but carbs is much harder as I've recently become vegan and eat a lot of pasta, rice and bread....not so much choice in protein for me now...x

  • Personally, I think your health issues are serious enough to warrant consulting your GP before you start the programme, especially regarding pain reduction.

    Running will not by itself lose much if any weight, but if you make a start and post on this forum then you will be surrounded by supportive individuals, many of whom have overcome significant health and weight issues on their journey to healthier lifestyles. Running will develop a bloody mindednesss and determination as well as boost your self esteem.

    Losing weight and becoming physically active has been the driving force for many who post regularly on this forum. You sound desperate, but do not give up. C25k has transformed the lives of many. It is not necessarily easy but the rewards are fabulous and I am sure you can do this.

    I started at 57, now nearly four years later I am fitter than ever in my life and happier for it, running two to three times a week. Don't resign yourself to an ever smaller life and poor health. Grab the opportunity. It is never to late.

    Tell us how you get on.

    PS. judging by your photo, maybe you should spend less time standing on your head!!

  • Haha I have no idea why the photo came out upside down! I tried loads of times but it would only come out like that so I gave up! Thanks for your very encouraging reply, I realise exercise alone is unlikely to result in weight loss, but I hope it will make me feel less sluggish, improve my mood, and in that way, encourage healthier eating. I live on my own and am so tired all the time at the moment that I tend to live on toast and cereal! You are proof that if you stick at it, it can change your life. I especially liked your words about not resigning myself to a smaller life and poor health...fighting talk is what I need! Thank you.

  • Great!!! You have issues that may slow your progress, but if you follow this forum for a while you will hear success stories from folk who have overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. This forum will give you all the support you need.

    PS. Your photo comes out that way because that was the orientation of the camera when the shot was taken. Rotate it 180 degrees and save it, before posting.

  • wow I agree you do have a lot on your plate and you dont look that overweight to me. I started this programme last year and still going, I started to lose weight which sadly I have not but I can now run solidly for 20 minutes which I never thought I would do, feel happier, healthier in fact an improvement all round I think the best advice on here is it doesnt have to be done in record time, take as long as you need but just do it!! keep going and keep reaching out for help!!

  • Hi sarahspain, thank you for saying I don't look that overweight, clothes can hide a multitude of sins! I'm 5'8" and 15 stone, 11 stone would be my target weight.. well done to you on your achievement, sticking at it, I would struggle to run for 30 seconds at this moment in time! You feeling happier and healthier is a great advert for doing this, thank you so much for the encouragement! Xx

  • It's worth it don't think too much just do it

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