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W2r2 completed in the rain, running on pavement

I completed run w2r2 this morning with a smile on my face even though it was pouring with rain and i am soaked through . Found out running trainers are not waterproof and ended up with very wet feet .

I have a question ,I run on grass that's why feet so darn wet is it harder on the knees to run on pavements than grass as have always had very bad knees that dislocate had numerous operations one Still dislocates so have to be extremely careful I don't twist as can not bare another knee op. Also thanks to people on here who told be about run keeper exactly what I wanted .

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Could you wear knee supports? I also suggest that you do knee strengthening exercises. These actually stopped me from dislocating my knees in my teens. Had it not worked they were considering pinning them surgically; something I didn't want if I could help it.

They do say running on grass lessens the impact but I've found the fact it is an unneven surface actually more difficult for me although trail shoes might help with that. .I like the predictability of the pavements as I can see what's underfoot.

Well done on completing week 2 and on such a happy note too xxx


Hi glad knee supports worked for you ,I have been given so many knee supports over the years ones with metal down the side ,soft ones ,hard ones I even manged to dislocate my knee in a plaster cast has to be rushed back to hospital to get it removed surgeon then said no more plaster cast . Also had so much physio they know me now when I go back lol.never thought of trail shoes and you are right ground is very uneven but it's round a football pitch so prob not as bad as going through wooded area .


You need trail shoes if you plan to keep trail running, and running on grass. I learned on here that running on both surfaces is best, so I vary my runs to include both. Better for us all round so I'm told

I crocked my ankle on a steep slope, which I should have walked up in hindsight. Take care on uneven ground!!!


Thanks for info had no idea what trail shoes are so will have to research that a bit I never thought of it as a trail . Know what you mean about ankles stepped off decking onto uneven ground throbbed for weeks .


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