Chesterfield Half Marathon:Done

Not quite in the style I envisioned but I did it and I'm happy.

Now for the excuses :-)

My 12 week training plan (BUPA finishing with race day) went pear-shaped at week 4 with a virus that took 3 weeks out of my training and then the last two weeks didn't really happen either. I did manage a 12mile run at the end of week 9 with no ill effects so decided all was go.

The course was good - listed as a fast one, was that because it was on dual carriageways at times? The first 6 miles seemed to be mainly uphill to varying degrees and there was loads of support most of the way round. I'd love to give a witty and interesting mile by mile account but as I didn't know where I was half the time, or how I got to the bits I did know I'm afraid that is not happening. However, what I do know is that from mile 8 and a bit I started to get cramping in my calves, so from then on it was run until they protested then walk until they had freed up and a bit longer, in the hope it wouldn't come back. I had got to less than half a mile from the end when the cramp got me big time and I actually dropped to the floor. Luckily for me there was a physio watching and I got an impromptu leg massage right there in the road. This set me up to complete - at a run, no less, in an unofficial (but given by Miss Garmin) time of 2hrs 38mins 17 seconds, 8 minutes slower than I was hoping for but I finished and will be back next year.

The organisation on the course was great with plenty of marshals, first aid and drinks available and as the mileage rose, other goodies like gels and Jelly Babies were available. Fruit, water and chocolate given out at the end too - what's not to like? Nice medal but I don't know how to load the picture of but will when I find out.


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13 Replies

  • Congratulations! That's a fab time too :) wish all races had chocolate at the end, yum yum! Or at least chilled chocolate milk would be a second best ;)

  • Thank you Lovefood. After I'd eaten a supplied banana I found the chocolate and was given 2 packets of Freddo Frog Heads. I had meant to make up some choc milk for the finish but forgot - doh!

  • Congratulations Annie. A HM is a great achievement and thats a pretty respectable time too for a lady who wasn't able to train properly in the run up to the race. Actually, it's a pretty respectable time for anyone, whether they were able to train fully or not. Well done :)

  • Thanks, AncientMum, I'm happy enough with it to contemplate another....... eventually :-)

  • Wow! Excellent stuff. Very inspiring. Am kicking myself up the bum now to knuckle down to a half.

  • Go for it - it's fun, honest. Not aching much today, maybe it will set in tomorrow. Daft thing is, I've just walked into town and given myself a stitch (didn't get one yesterday)

  • Well done! Sorry to hear you got cramp! Not surprising though as it's such a long way. It was hot and very still I thought just as an observer. NExt year it will be on 20 sept. They announced it at the fireworks after

    I shall sign up for the half

  • Thanks misswobble. I've never had cramp like it before (as I was well hydrated and fed, even after I'd finished, I don't know where it came from) and I don't want it again. Do enter next year , I am - oops. now I have to :-) If it's the same course, then I liked it and if they change it, I'm sure it will be a good one.

  • Congratulations!!! It's a good time, and to have the will power to continue even after your legs giving way under you... wow, I am impressed!

  • Thanks Tomas. I was too close to the end to give in but I was very lucky the physio had positioned himself where he did. (So it looks like I have found myself a sports physio into the bargain!) Another plus for my morning's endeavours.

  • A good friend of mine is a sports physio. Wonder if it was him. He was at the end of my last 5 k race. He perhaps thought I might need his services. It was only a short dash so fortunately I didn't. It was fate that he was in the exact same spot as you!!!!!

    I thought it was a bit of a shame that the marathon meandered all the way up to the very bleak and boring business park. I ran my 5 k race from there. No people, just lots of units and miles of security fencing. Horrible! They were going up there near the end too! Yuk

    Where did you find the noisiest supporters by the way?

  • The physio's name was Mark and he was certainly well placed for me.

    Yes, that part of the route wasn't the most scenic!

    Hasland had a real party going on with much encouragement. But there was someone almost all the way round the course - even the dual carriageway had people tooting from their cars. The end of what I think was the first relay handover near Heath was noisy too.

    Saw that the Half was won in 1hr 13mins by someone dressed and painted in blue and white. Not sure if he was a Spireite or a Smurf.

  • I saw him on my way back from the park. He was already nearly home. Wowsers!

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