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Counting calories

Completed w2r1 and felt pleased with myself for completing it even if it was hard.So feeling pleased with myself I decided to look at fitness pal when I entered the exercise it wanted to know how many calories I burned ,does anyone know how I can judge this ?.

Also I wanted to know how far I was running down loaded map my walk got confused with that , can't wait to do w2r2 very tempted to go out tomorrow would this be wrong ?

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I use goodrunningguide online as this is free and lets you measure your route and then tells you how many cals you burned. I have now joined it though as I was using it so much. There was no pressure to do so though

You could say that 10 mins running burns 100 cals. That increases if you run hills


Thanks for that will give it a look , I might be just what I need


I use myfitnesspal and am/was doing this as well - I entered W2R1 as 9 minutes running and 20 minutes brisk walking (that is the total for the pod) and it gives me 80 on the running and 84 cals on the brisk walking. Don't know how right that is but going on what misswobble says in her reply it would seem to be there or thereabouts.

Please leave at least one day of rest between runs - the reason is good and it pays to do as they advise no matter how much you want to do one every day, it's not worth injuring yourself or just basically trying to run before you can walk!! so to speak and LOL!


I use the RunKeeper app and at the end it brings up how many calories it thinks I burned. I think (hope!) it takes into account your speed etc and any hills you climb...

Also if I were you I would take a rest day... I get the impression they are important to let your body recover between each run...


There's no hard and fast rule, according to garmin I burned off 200 calories during 45 mins, using the exact same data (heart rate and all) endomondo said it was nearer 600 calories, I ran near 5 km and with other things I'm more likely to beleive the 600 calorie mark.

If you have a smartphone - endomondo (and runkeeper I believe) can feed straight in to myfitnesspal


Well done for completing the first run of W2. I know it is tempting to do another run tomorrow as you feel so good at the moment but it would be very unwise. The rest days are important because this is the time that the muscles recover and repair themselves to come back that little bit stronger each time. The rest days also help to reduce the risk of running related injuries. You can do some other form of exercise on rest days such as cycling, walking, yoga etc. - anything that's low impact. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


I enter my runs in myfitnespal and it calculates calories for me.

When running I use an app called 'runtastic' that tracks my distance, speed and calories (for my weight) which is good too :-)


MyFitnessPal considers my running speed to be walking - grrr!

As a rule of thumb, you burn approximately 100 calories per mile, regardless of whether you sprint, jog or walk. Obviously the faster you go, the more calories you burn per minute but the distance-calorie ratio stays about the same. You burn slightly more per mile running than walking, you also burn a bit more if you are heavy than if you are light, but these differences are all minor. You will burn significantly more if you are going up a lot of steep slopes.

All the various apps, sports watches etc, give you an estimate of calories used. If this estimate also takes your weight, age and gender into account, it will be a bit more accurate. However, the only way to get a really accurate calorie count is to wear a heart-rate monitor into which you have programmed age, gender, weight, resting heart rate and maximum heart rate.


I also linked my Runkeeper app with MyFitnessPal but I never 'ate' my exercise calories and considered them a bonus. Often people say that they exercise and put on weight and that's considered to be because they compensate for their exercise by eating. "Had a run this morning so I can eat that chocolate bar." If you're wanting to lose weight that's not a good idea!


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