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Damn this body !


Well thought I was on the mend regarding hip , went for a brisk walk wi my pooch just a slight twinge no probs , thought I'd try a little jog , no chance soon as my foot impacted the ground it struck , am I being impatient ? It started Friday . You know what I'm beginning to think running isn't for me , coz I'm allways ailing sumat ! Feeling fed up .

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Ohh Rockette, what a bloody nuisance for you. Why don't you get some treatment from a physio? I know it costs, but some massage and advice might fix you up? How's that ankle doing these days?

Sending healing vibes,,,!

Rockette in reply to danzargo

The ankles fine thanks danzargo , best of it is , I think it's doing stretches for ankle that's set my hip off . Because I felt a bit of discomfort all the time exactly where it's sore when doing them .


Oh no what a bu*mm*r !! Please don't feel running is not for you It's just been really difficult period with lots of injury. I know you probably can't see the end of it but just hang on there and hopefully things will improve eventually Probably not helpful to way you are feeling but not sure what else to advise -sorry. You know you have lots of fiends here who all want to see you 100% fit and back out running Take care

Rockette in reply to Fitfor60

Thanks fitfor60 I'd just got back up to wk 8 again & was feeling great . Well at least this time round I can at least walk cycle & swim . Hope you are well .

Fitfor60Graduate in reply to Rockette

I'm absolutely fine rocket except for overeating and loss of oomph last few days Have just reread what I just posted on Realfoodclubs quest for summer and have had to give myself shake cos I really have nothing to complain about . Sometimes it just helps to get it of my chest as non running friends don't really understand like you guys Anyway enough about me you just keep your fitness level up by cycling and swimming at moment and hopefully won't be too long before we are reading your post about a pain /injury free run

Rockette in reply to Fitfor60

Yes so hope so . Know what you mean about nobody understands only fellow runners , just keep getting told I'm not cut out for running off non running family & friends . Thing is I'm starting to believe it ! . Good thing we have this group to keep us going .


Oh poor you, you're not having much luck. Best wishes to you for a speedy recovery x


Oh dear, why not swim for a bit until it's better xxx

Rockette in reply to kickibro

Thanks kickbro I'm off in the morning . Your right .

I think kickibro made a good suggestion. Swimming is much gentler on your joints and it will still help you keep your fitness levels up. You may find the muscles developed from swimming will also help your running once you are better recovered to go for a run again. One of my colleagues was advised to gently use a cross-trainer machine at the gym when she had a leg and hip injury.

I hope you have a speedy recovery Rockette, but remember there is no use forcing your body to run if it hurts. Try alternative fitness exercise workouts - you'll be doing less damage and help your body mend itself so that you can have really great runs in the long term!

Thanks for the advice , yes I'm going to have to be patient again . I'm into cycling too & got a lovely new giant avail bike on it's way anytime soon , through bike to work scheme . I can still cycle & have no discomfort at all while doing it . Walking is fine too . So I shouldn't lose much fitness this time round . I'm going for a swim in the morning


Good luck, Rockette. I am sure with a bit of patience you will be up and running again soon. The trouble with ageing is that you never seem to bounce back to where you were before.......at least that's what I thought before I did C25k......Now I know that it is possible to make your body do all sorts of things you previously believed impossible. Get your problem identified and I am sure there is a way to correct it. You will run again! Keep smiling, whatever else you are doing.

Thanks iannodatruffle yes it's the patient bit what's the hardest . I'll just keep cycling I enjoy that ,& a bit of swimming . & if no improvement I'll get to a sports physio . Thanks for your reply


Good for you! Enjoy your swim and your lovely new bike xxx


Sorry you are laid low again - no wonder you are fed up! I had hip pain and referred myself via the NHS to a physio and now religiously do my hip and glute exercises in the morning which seem to have cured it. Also doing Pilates - it seems to be really important to have a strong and stable core.

Worth getting it checked out - I'm sure there will be a solution.


That's really hard... Do you do the stretching stuff? I so hope it gets better soon xx


Oh dear ROckette, sorry to hear your hip is still painful. You can't quit though cos you just got new shoes!

Hang in there mate and give it time to heal.

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