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Damn you frail body!

So there I was, about to commence the final run of week 4, and planning to get ahead of schedule.

I woke up and my back was feeling a bit sore, but decided to try and go for my run and maybe it would loosen up a bit. Halfway through the first 5 minute run, feeling really good, and suddenly feel a sharp pain in my left calf.

Well bugger, that's me out of action for a bit - typical, just as I was getting out of the "running is hell" phase :-(

So annoyed right now, so so annoyed

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I can imagine ,I feel same way with my knee . Hope your not out of action for long , here's, wishing you a speedy recovery


It happens to us all. It's not the running that does it it's that we don't listen to our bodies. I'm the worst culprit! Take time to recover, seek professional advice if you need, not your GP though, they're usually anti running but try a sports physio. Hope you're feeling better soon :-)


This time last year, in the early days of my C25k adventure I badly pulled a calf muscle. It felt like I'd been shot! I tried again after 2 weeks only for it to go again. Eventually I had to leave it for 6 weeks before I could run on it.

Unfortunately, I'm now in the middle of another recovery period as the other caslf has 'gone'.

My advice is to be patient and leave it at least 4 weeks, however frustrating that may be. Good luck :-)


Good thing is it didn't go completely - I stopped as soon as I felt a bit of pain. Hopefully it won't take too long to recover, but at the moment my back is the problem :-(


I'm getting a lot of back pain (one more to go to "graduate") and knee pain. Others will probably disagree but I'm just popping ibruprofen and carrying on. I come from a family of dodgy knees, but running whilst not good for joints is good for bone density so I'll suffer it for a bit. When I've finished the prog I'm going to alternate running with spin and hopefully swimming which is very good for backs if you swim with a good body position. You might find a good sport physio will be able to help with the back: some of it can be muscle tension which running won't release, unless you're very good at relaxing, but a physio should be able to.


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