Damn those Large Welsh Thighs

I will start by saying I am Welsh and it has been proven that Welsh people (even us ladies) have larger thighs than the rest of the UK. That said, I did start dancing (ballet, jazz, tap etc) at the age of 18 months. I swapped my ballet shoes for high heels at age 18 and then high heels for bare feet (and a Shotokan suit) when I had my daughter. So I was always going to have large thighs. I have now started running (did week 6 run 2 last night) and they are just getting bigger (they are and have always been very solid though :) ). Last night I reached an all time low with despair about the size of my thighs. My husband had bought me a lovely pair of silky pyjamas (50 shades kind from Tesco) . I put them on and they fit wonderfully. Then disaster struck. I squatted down (to pick the cat up :)) and they split all down the thighs :). I just thought I would share this and cheer everyone up on a very grey and wet day.

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  • Ha ha, what a disarrrrrster dahling! Shades of The incredible hulk!

    My husband used to call me "thunder thighs", but there is a whole lot less of me now, including much slimmed down thighs since i became a regular runner.

    Stick at it. Those long runs help shift the stubborn weight that used to hang around for grim death

  • Well I suppose it'll save your husband the task of having to rip said jarmies off you in a moment of passion! At least your thighs are firm, hunny, mine are well wobbly!

  • Don't blame it on your thighs, Sweetie, blame it on shoddy workmanship at the pyjama factory. ;) Don't worry, your fabulous Welsh thighs will shrink and become more toned as you continue on your running journey. Now if that isn't an incentive to continue running, I don't know what is!

  • It's the cat's fault...

  • I agree :)

  • Tear the other leg in the same way and carry on wearing them as a sexy fashion statement ;)

  • Might try that one :)

  • I just read "week six, run two " and collapsed in admiration. Well done! I agree with ancient mum - it's the jammies, not you. Dodgy seams, I reckon. Take 'em back to Tesco and cause a fuss :-) I'm a quarter Welsh - the Welsh quarter must be my thighs, then. So be it. As long as I get to tone the buggers up enough for them to stop wobbling, they can stay Welsh, too. Be proud of your heritage, girl :-)

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