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Missed two weeks of running!


I missed two weeks of running due top circumstances beyond my control, week six and week seven were missed. Obviously I cant continue where I left off but not sure what to do. Do I repeat week 5 and carry on from there or do I go back and repeat week 4 and continue! Please advise, I know my fitness levels have dropped a little.

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I just missed 2 weeks too, so I started back by doing the next run that I should have done two weeks before but decided to quit running and walk if I couldn't manage to keep up. I did manage it, which was a relief. I would just do what you can manage for a couple of runs then hopefully you will be back on track. Just don't give up, whatever you do :-)


Did you complete week 5 before you had to stop? If it was me, I'd say try repeating week 5 and see how you get on.

Yes week 5 was completed :) ok will give it a try, thank you :)


I agree, try repeating week 5 which has a steady build during the week might be a good plan. Good luck!


I tend to agree that doing week 5 again will build you up steadily and prepare you for the rest of the programme. Good luck and best wishes.


Hi, I had same issue I missed a week. I hadn't managed to complete final run of week6 then was ill. So rested for a week, restarted week 5 and completed run 2 today. I think I would have felt too daunted to try week 6 again so felt more comfortable with week 5 as the first two runs have walking breaks. For me it was definetly better to do week 5 again. It's not a race. Stay safe

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