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Treadmill for Week 9 - any advice?

Firstly, I need to admit I missed my W7R3 this morning. The lure of sleep was just too great. I'll pick that run up tomorrow morning though! With an upcoming work trip to the US for week 9 it looks like I'll need to revert to the treadmill for at least one or two of the week 9 runs (I don't fancy running the strip in Vegas!). I am very eager to graduate and I don't want to disrupt my training too much, but as an exclusively outside runner what advice can you great folks give me about moving to the treadmill for the longer runs in Week 9?

Oh - and I just registered with Parkrun... eek!

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Don't fancy running the strip in Vegas!!!! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!

Crikey, I would love it. Just think of the scenery. You might have to run it out of the heat of the day mind you

Treadmill. Not a word in my vocab I'm afraid, so can't offer any words of advice. I prefer the great outdoors. Did you register for Parkrun as a C25ker? We are recognised by Parkrun as a running club and all the results get published on here


Heat, stairs, pedestrians (still drunk possibly), uneven pavement and cars! Not my usual lovely run in the parks! We will see!

I am registered as a C25Ker with Parkrun... :)


I do most of my runs on a treadmill and must admit I do find it a bit easier than outside and a lot easier than running on uneven grass. Just make sure you getit set up for the timing correctly, nothing more annoying than it suddenly slowing down at the end of 25 minutes running because that makes a total of 30 minutes including the warm up walk!! I worked out how to set it for a 40 minute workout this morning and it was much better. Good luck and have a great time in Vegas.


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